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Signs and Symbols

I received confirmation I’m at the right place at the right time.

The Transcript

This is the Keen Ready, com Black woman in Mexico podcast with me, Elyse Robinson, coming to you from Mexico City, Mexico, one of the largest cities in the world. I’m here to dispel the myths and rumors about Mexico and also to tell you how to live a great life abroad, I have been living in Mexico City since November 2016. And I truly do love it here. And just to add a disclaimer, these experiences are mine and mine alone, and I can’t speak for anyone else.

This is episode number 48. And I’m so excited, so grateful, so blessed. So,

as you know, I run via foreigner calm. And so the reason why I started is because people kept asking me over and over again, like, why did you move abroad? How do you you move abroad, I don’t know, the first thing about moving abroad and so be afforded calm was born. And so

I provide opportunities to move abroad. And if you want to, you know, pursue a little bit further in depth, I offer consulting services, because

I’ve done this multiple times, and this is my life. And I know what to do, what not to do.

And so that’s why be a foreigner calm was born. And so someone put me on to a group, I have no idea who it was. So if if you was the person, thank you so much. Thank you so much. And so this is a group called Black on the job. And if you haven’t joined in your black, please join, please join. There’s a lot of good resources in there a lot of great people. And it’s a really, really good group. And so the group, at the last time I looked at it had over 22,000 members. And so I was like, Well, you know, I offer, you know, basically recruiting services myself. And so let me let me talk to them and see if we can come to an agreement, a little partnership, and so they agreed and so

I signed my contract with him yesterday. And so I have access to a targeted group of people that would like to have my services. So I’m so so excited. Um, but so put my testimony out there because somebody must really love me.

I’m so I’m sitting at my, my table in my kitchen, which I hardly ever do a price at this table, like twice since I’ve been here a month and a half going down to and I was eating and working on some stuff because I didn’t want to sit in my bed and work on stuff anymore.

And let’s see a bug. And so I’m thinking it’s this little I don’t even know what kind of bug it is. It looks like a mixture of a Daddy Long Legs as

some some kind of fly and a mosquito because it has like this long beak and it’s like jet black and it flies. I don’t know what it is. So so I thought it was and I was gonna kill it. But I looked and I’m like that’s a B

and I’m like what the hell is a be doing in here I’ve never even seen to be here and married Mexico, so I’m confused. And then it literally looked like it just came out of the middle of my of my floor like it didn’t look like it flew from anywhere anything so I’m legit confused. So I was like, okay, so be you know, everybody’s talking about bees are going extinct and everything I’m not gonna kill it. So I grabbed a towel and it was moving slow anyway, grab a towel and grabbed it

and put it outside inside of shook it out and he flew away. So hopefully still alive.

And I sat back down, finish eating whatever. And then I got to thinking

like the people that just partner with their logo is a bean. And so that was confirmation that I’m doing the right thing I’m on. I’m on the right path in life, doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m doing my purpose and so like it’s crazy and wild and

I can’t wait for I can’t wait to see what the future holds. For me. I’m just like so excited. But

sign up at Black on the job if you haven’t on Facebook and if you think about moving abroad sign up with me at be a foreigner calm. And that’s it.

Thank you for listening to clean radio com Black woman in Mexico with Elyse Robinson. You like the show want to know more about me please check out my blog keen ready com that’s Kean ready com keen r e a d My book which has a template for moving abroad, I give you tons of information on how to make a decision. What to do when you get to abroad. things you need to do before you move abroad. And that’s on my website. Be a foreigner. com that’s be a foreigner calm, which is a daily list of opportunities to move abroad. I have scholarships, if you want to get your degree opportunities that will sponsor you for visa and dispositions where you can work anywhere in the world. And then last but not least, my nonprofit that I’m getting off the ground. I want to help those less fortunate than I have been come to Mexico for the summer to learn Spanish and to be immersed and learn a different culture. That is undefeatable Foundation, and the website is And I appreciate any donation you want to give even $5 which is basically a cup of coffee. And also please leave a review on your favorite podcast player, preferably iTunes, but I’m also on iTunes, Google Play I Heart Radio Stitcher, and hopefully soon Spotify. So thank you for listening again and I should talk to you again real soon.

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