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Black American Woman in Mexico

Stop Waiting On Other People | Elyse Y. Robinson

Stop Waiting On Other People

April 07, 2020

Stop Waiting

How am I on day #6 of my quarantine in Mexico? Please stop waiting on other people…they’re a detriment to your success. What’s going on after the lock down in Mexico? Looting? Police violence? Domestic violence?

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Hey, yeah, this is episode number 74. My name is Elise Robinson. I am a black American woman that lives in Mexico. Why do I live in Mexico? Well, my mother passed away November 2016. And I had quit my life in order to take care of her and my family. And so since I didn’t have anything left, I decided I was going to leave my home country which is in knighted States of America, and go explore the world.

And so I settled on

Mexico wasn’t too far away from home. I had a direct flight

back to my where my family was living, and pretty much been here ever since. And so I have a whole bunch of Southwest points.

I could have chose Cancun. Put over here. Cabos are all the ones you always hear

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about right? But I had never heard of Mexico City.

I had never even stepped foot in Mexico even I lived on the border twice. I always heard it yo don’t go to here is dangerous also the past young go to mana you don’t go with his border. So you know, try to see what it was about for myself because I’m crazy. And I’m fearless. And so I settled on Mexico City, like I said, which is one of the largest cities on earth and call my daddy up. About a month later, I was like, dang, I’m not coming back home. No, come back the lever here. And so that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. And so please make sure you check out my blog Elise Robison comm check out my business, be a foreigner calm. If you’re thinking about moving overseas. Hit the like button, the subscribe button if you’re watching me or if you’re on my path. Cast please subscribe if you love me cash app down below and donate link is down below you can donate in any currency Oh Earth and that’s pretty much it on my intro. So this episode I’m gonna talk about Mexico Of course and the corona virus and what’s going on what’s what’s updating with me. But I also want to talk about being fearless. So, a days with me I’m on day six of quarantine and so it’s not that bad. I mean, I’m a homebody already. I’m always at home, unless you know. I want to go do something with people’s sleep. I’m pretty much prepared for this. I mean, I could literally sit in the house for weeks without leaving and I have done that before sadly I did that before. Cuz I mean I can get anything I want delivered here so and never have to leave the house my asthma which I talked about in my previous podcast video, I have gotten off my allergy medicine This is day three or four and remember

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of being off my allergy medicine because I felt that that was helping so I don’t allergy pills.

I haven’t popped on my asthma pot. This is my third or fourth day of not having to do that.

eyes are like killing me. They’re older than me, but what do I know? So they feel

you feel so as you might know, like it’s kind of swollen too, but um

yeah, I forgot If I’m in house I mean there’s really no point in taking it I am scared that you know the pollen and even the virus might come through my air conditioner or my windows or something so, I don’t know. I don’t know what that’s point 122 and we see what else I got all the meds I got me a nebulizer with the meds with that.

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More asthma pumps. I got these

little candies that have all the good stuff in it like mint

elderberry syrup, muhly, if I’m saying that right, which is supposed to be really good for the chest, it has a couple of things in it too. But those have really helped I take those about three or four of those a day. And it really kind of calms down my chest and everything. And so I feel much better I got um what else did I get? I got the stuff called golden Milk golden milk eggs like ginger tumeric coconut milk a half as a cayenne pepper monk fruit and I take that because it’s anti inflammatory should be good for my chest and rest of my body but at this point I mean my anxiety is about was killing me at this point. My anxiety got the virus a little cough sneeze poot headache. I mean my chest tight. I mean, can I smell Can I taste so supposed to be you know, symptoms or whatever.

So, yeah, my anxiety is through the roof. That’s the only thing that’s killing me. So I get hugs. I get hugs. I get

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Um, can we see what else?

My hair. Some told me get a haircut before. You know everything really started pop off. knew I knew. I knew last year something was gonna pop off this year. I didn’t know what it was, and know exactly what it was, but I knew that the economy was gonna be fucked up. I didn’t know that I just didn’t know I was gonna be at some told me last year 2020 is gonna be terrible, just terrible.

So my little, my little

my intuition is always right. At this point.


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so yeah, we’ll be seeing y’all here. Back home. So looking like a woolly mammoth. I mean, I just kind of like it like this. But I mean, I guess I can kind of get myself a little bit.

I don’t know. But from, you know, be senior here. I’m looking like a woolly mammoth.

What else?

Oh, I got a bunch of vitamins. So what else is I got garlic. I got it. Moringa powder, which has all the good stuff, so, I mean, if we’re still in the house like six months from now, I mean, you’re not gonna have pretty much fresh fruits and vegetables probably anymore. So the Moringa powder has all the good stuff in it. And I’m trying to say that but I’m also taking it for my chest.

So we’ll see how that goes. Um, laundry

so I decided that I’m pretty much not leaving the house is that to take my garbage out three times a week, in the late in the late night, so

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I’m not

I’m not coming out. So I can’t go to laundry max. I don’t have laundry facilities in my apartment building or in my apartment period. I have to take my clothes to laundromat

is a pickup service but it’s ridiculously expensive. I don’t know who pays embrace this

very very well it’s gonna be up in here. Now my haven’t come get my towels at the minimum and maybe my sheets because I bought myself some thick ass towels and I was in the states and is causing causing us some issues have been here so yeah, luckily I live somewhere where it’s 102 every damn day. So the stuff is drying quickly. I just is having problems squeezing the shit out all the way and of course, but I try to do one one a day so but if you see me over here with same stuff on it’s only because I’m only got like, I’m only wearing like three outfits. I’m switching them out here washing them hanging them up back to the same other bank that I had on the other day so ain’t dirty enough no close up in here.


don’t think I’m gonna Feel to hear anything

were to say they like switching three outfits group. Um, what else? Oh, my housekeeper. So I don’t know if I touched on this in my in my previous podcasts and YouTube video but you know, I’m the loudest one here scream and they can you just can’t shut a country down, you know, especially in a country like Mexico and probably most of the world, our day laborers. And so if they don’t work that day they don’t eat I mean, I guess is comparable to being a contractor in the states also Lyft and Uber. I mean, they don’t they don’t work every day they don’t eat. Right. So a big percentage of a lot of countries are a day laborers. And so like I said, they don’t work they don’t eat. And so that’s why you came to shut the country down and why Mexico was so late. I’m setting a country down

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And so, you know I have a housekeeper mainly because I’m a cripple I got bad hits on x.

And so for me to

clean my house especially now with my asthma is just a no go.

And so I have a housekeeper I guess spoiled with it. When I was living in Mexico City. It was including my apartment, a nice lady. Now even not a lady’s name necessarily acquired like I just let her come in and do her thing and there was no day ladies make me feel bad because I really don’t know her name and I’ll leave her for two years. I never knew where

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at anyway, ad is live decided to come in your door.

So, um, but my housekeeper, I do I do talk to her, I talked to her and everything, you know, practice was Spanish

over there, but as a lady going into it saying

we’re interested in talking to her at the time.

Um, so yeah, I have a housekeeper.

And so I found out about her from my craziest neighbor.

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And so she comes once a week and cleans my house. But I had to let her go because, you know, I’m scared that I could basically give her the virus. I don’t know if this stuff is going on my chest. It could be the corona. I don’t know. You know, and she’s an older woman. She’s an older woman. And so I don’t want to give her nothing and I don’t know where she be. You know what I’m saying? There’s article going around about Brazil. And how people have housekeepers. And how housekeeper’s are the people that are they have the housekeepers they are going out of the country flying and bringing the ship back from Europe and the housekeepers come in there and they’re taking it back to their their small towns villages if that’s what you want to call it, I don’t know what they call it. So, you know she could be a chance to give me something already jacked up with this asthma so only no problems. My intuition is telling me Yo, the lever, B and all my pieces Tell me a lever beaten, so I feel bad because you know, she’s a day labor. I don’t know what her income situation is, but

kinda medical. So hopefully she making it

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nice that As for

what I wanted to talk about

In my groups now, you know moving to another country since United States is just straight fucking up. They’re talking about moving to another country. Now I can honestly say that Mexico I feel is fucking up. But we can go right on back to the day labor situation, because the border is still closed in Mexico. You know what I’m saying? You can still fly. Yes. And Mexico unfortunately, I can still fly my ass out of Mexico. So you know, every country has its pros and cons and to leave America ain’t necessarily the thing do and also Tosh touched on that in another podcast. I have to get the name and post it down there. Where there was this crazy ass lady and she couldn’t get right and I’m like, bitch, you just don’t need to be going aware. You just don’t need to be going nowhere because you can’t even get right in the middle. Good. So, um, you know, the whole thing is that people are saying that they have family back in the States, you know, they can’t leave because it is it can’t leave because of that. And, you know, when I left it was just me you know what I’m saying? So, I guess I’m blessed in that regard. Um, I do have a father do have a sister and I do have a nephew back home and I know to do something come on here whenever to get ready soon. You know, I’m saying I got space. I got number space and opportunity. But you know, that’s a life alum do what they do. Maybe eventually they’ll come out this way. I don’t really know. But, you know, at the end of the day, that’s your life. You know, you can wait on other people. I will never I will never wait on another person. In my life ever and so

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you know, you got to make some hard choices now

if you want to believe the Bible and Noah’s story me left Hello people like Danner buddy everybody go on boat. So I liken it to that everybody can get on a boat and go want to get on a boat you I believe as that’s just the way it goes. So if you think about leaving

and you think some you think you think something is holding you back because Ain’t nothing holding you back there’s been some fucking excuses there’s some straight as excuses as all the years excuses in the back your mind and keep you where you is. That’s all he

is what another person eat don’t make you shit.

Follow me. We have a whole last conversation about this. Because like I said, I ain’t gonna wait on nobody. My life is my life. What I do is me and mines and Kane can’t worry about nobody else.

So now if you got small kids or something that’s different, but grown ass motherfuckers I’m not gonna worry about no girl Personally, I’m never gonna worry about no grown person.

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That’s your life.

Now if it comes down to it and the shit hit the fan, I will get my nephew. I will go get my nephew now tell my sister to go to jail. I will. But other than that I can I can save everybody. Okay, so

that’s my little snippet on it. Now we can talk about Mexico and the numbers and what’s been going on here. So I got word that

there’s been some

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There’s been some looting. I do. I did see a video in Chihuahua.

I believe that’s that’s north, North way north way north of where I am.

And people were looting there. That was like last week. So that goes that goes right on back to the day labor situation, you know, unless your government or a group of people come together and do like some kind of care packages or something and go house to house and drop that shit off. quarantining people inside of a house. And at what it is, we can also say that a lot of people that live in the so called shithole countries, live in bad situations. You know, a lot of them don’t have dare I say running water because I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it in Guatemala. And you know, they’re they’re living in like one room shacks. And, you know, social distancing as a calling it ain’t really an option. And this is why, you know, dead bodies are piling up in people’s homes and a lot of situations. Ecuador’s a huge one right now that I’ve seen videos on and I also got confirmation from other people. That is bad there.

Um, so I mean, you know, I try to check my privilege

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to check my privilege all the time. Although I don’t want to call it a privilege because my ancestors put in the work.

I am lucky, I ain’t got no privileged my answers put in the work to have what I have. So let’s say I try to get out of my American mindset. I try to get out of my American mindset of not everybody has running water everybody has so everybody can quarantine. That’s just not. That’s not possible. just not possible and I hate for people To sit up here and say why don’t they just do this? It’s not an option. This is not an option. So I’ll never be on the side of just quarantine people because that ain’t an option unless people like I’m saying people are going house to house giving care packages so the government’s doing it which we know ain’t never gonna happen we’re good

if you do she could roll back this video me Okay, Rolly back.

So, um,

so, yeah.

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But the numbers for Mexico for Saturday because I know it’s been a couple days since I’ve done a video. I don’t want to do a video, you know, real common, like every day and stuff. Because then I mean, you can go check the numbers online if you want to anyway, it’s not that hard. But Saturday, the number of confirmed cases was 1688. With 60 deaths and that was a fourth April 4. And so Sunday the fifth they rose bow, what is that? That’s about 200 cases, almost 200 cases so 1890

confirmed cases with 79 deaths. So the deaths Rose 19 people.

And so as of today, in between Sunday and Monday today is the sixth of April 2143 cases. What is that?

That’s almost that’s almost 400 cases. Hmm, that jumped a lot.

And so 94 deaths so what is that? That’s almost 20 extra deaths.

So it’s definitely rising here.

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Like I said, there’s been looting and honestly when I went to Walmart like a week and a half ago to get some some stuff I had to go out I had to go out and stick in a delivery because I was I just didn’t want I had to go look at it and get it the Walmart look like it had been ransacked. And so I’m like, oh, what’s going on here?

But I mean it was a

you know, stuff wasn’t thrown all over the place unless they had cleaned it up. You know what I’m saying? But who knows some now that my mom one of my pieces mentioned in the looting to me about what’s going on in her area. very well could have been a looting situation. There has been car oil that came through links I don’t know what that was about car telling people standing house I’ve been getting text messages to almost any house all over Facebook and get email stay in the house. You know shit like that. So I won’t be saying house unless you’re essential doing deliveries or something like that hospital bank. gas stations stuff like that but everything in restaurants are still openings I’m still getting food deliveries had some some Asian yesterday so

yes, a lot of stuff still open

the last episode I mean like I’m saying you need to shut down a whole country that would never work

what else was I gonna say?

Shoot I’m drawing a blank

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there was something else


Oh alcohols so progress so which is about 15 minutes from here by bus is sort of ships come in

the ships the cruise ships and everything so as I guess it’s kind of a tourist city. They said domestic violence was up there. Of course domestic violence is probably up everywhere because people can’t live with other people.

They just can’t

you need you need space you need space and time apart this so domestic violence is obviously has no stuff so alcohol now is gonna work out

cuz I don’t think is the culprit but I’ll see if I can find any more information on that.

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I haven’t heard anything about home invasions or anything like that. So hopefully that just stays to the stores but that kind of hurts the stores and hurts, you know people other people in need stuff. I mean, it’s catch 22 so I’ve been noticing that when I try to deliver good food deliver. A lot of stuff isn’t on the app anymore. So yeah try to get some chicken yesterday and have chicken had whole chicken they had a whole chicken but I ain’t really feeling chopping up a whole last chicken but if I got to I guess I have to do to get to where I am has been shut down I’ve seen pictures like I said I haven’t been out I might have to go out one these days but they said that they send out roadblocks so you need you need a hall pass in order to you know be out and about because my mind literally just

you know burn in and drive around see what the hills open.

Because the last time I was out was when I went to emergency room not last weekend, but the weekend before last. Everything was like Dede it was only like nine and that’s just not common because a lot of things don’t even open to one because it’s so hot here. So I did notice that a lot of things would

But yeah Roblox Hall passes and

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I haven’t heard anything about a curfew Oh, I have to check on this with my with my landlord but I got word that Mexico or at least my state i don’t know if it’s all of Mexico my state is giving free free water free gas and free electricity so I pay my little funky electricity bill now like it’s a lot to me but it’s a lot as a people


marinade due to the middle of the month so I’ll see what’s going on in the middle of the month with rent situation.

Yeah, but

like I say my anxiety is through the roof because I have to pay attention to

to country’s muscles As a health care worker, every little cough pooed I do. I’m terrified that I got the sheet. so

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terrified even turn on my AC because there’s air from outside, right? No to do


it’s about 30 minutes now almost. I don’t think I have anything else for you guys in regards to Mexico.


Yeah, we’re just not

not supposed to be on the stream

and come out

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so be sure to check out the blog Elise Robinson comm check out via foreigner calm. Just think about moving overseas. Don’t be scared you can always come back. Don’t wait on other people. Other people hear us and they’re looking crazy. It was Hey Are you looking crazy may and have missed opportunities just missed everything. So don’t wait on other people please

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check out the link to donate you can donate in any currency hello world. And update. Happy again.

Day y’all stay safe, wash your hands.

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come from outside, take a shower,

get a mask,

all that good stuff. Adios

Elyse Y. Robinson @ BeAForeigner Inc.
Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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