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My Second Date in Mexico City | Elyse Y. Robinson

My Second Date in Mexico City

August 20, 2017

Date Night

My neighbor had been asking me out for months and even offered to teach me Spanish but I declined because 1. he’s cute and 2. he’s my neighbor. I LOVE where I live, and if anything happened, I didn’t want to move to get away if things went left. He moved away a few weeks ago so everything was fine to get to know him.

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So my second date never happened. Here’s why:

Told him I could meet up with him last Saturday after my Spanish lesson so around 1:30pm. I messaged him around 10am just to make sure we were still on because things can change and I could be doing something else with my precious time. No answer. I waited about 30 minutes for a reply…still no answer. So I said ok it’s not going to happen let me do something else with my day. I was considering blocking him but he’s been helpful when I’ve asked him questions. He messages me around 6pm saying he had a hard night and he’s just waking up. I just said OK and left it at that.

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So in my mind, I’m thinking he’s going to apologize and say can he make it up to me. Nope…end of the conversation. I’ll message him when I need something from him and that’s it.

Back to living the life in Mexico City…

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Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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