Elyse Y. Robinson

Black American Woman in Mexico

#HIREBLACK Shoot your Shot LIVE - 5 minute pitches | Elyse Y. Robinson

#HIREBLACK Shoot your Shot LIVE - 5 minute pitches

March 16, 2021


I signed up to pitch about 🖨 https://www.NewsIn.IT at an event.

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[00:00:24.010] Welcome, everyone, and thank you all so much for joining us again for yet another Lillington live shooter shot Thursday. So in this linked in lives, what we do is we give the floor to recruiters, we give the floor to job seekers. We give the floor to entrepreneurs within our network and in our community for you guys to be able to connect with them on LinkedIn, connect with them on the chat and hear what they have to say. We have amazing people and our lineup today and we are so excited, first of all, to give them the props that they came on and they signed up and they showed up to pitch themselves.

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[00:01:01.970] So let’s first give them a round of applause for that. Let me know where you guys are calling in from in the chat. I’m in Miami, as I always put the disclaimer, for anyone who is new here, there is a rooster next door. And I’m kind of outside in this like little like Huband. I don’t even know what it’s called. My grandpa made like this bar thing. So there’s a real stir. If you hear the rooster say what’s up to him, sometimes he comes in and says hi, he likes his attention.

[00:01:29.470] So if you guys do that, just just, you know, just say, listen to him again. I’m calling in from from Miami and we have Courtney that says, good morning, everyone. Is this super creative concept. Thank you, everyone. Tell us where you guys are calling in from. In the chat, Elena is calling friend from L.A. She says she’s so excited. Oh, my God. So who’s there? Courtney is calling in from Houston.

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[00:01:54.820] And this is what I hope I said your name right to calling in from the D.C. area. Selena Selenia is calling in from New York, is calling in from Baltimore. Kadiatou calling in from NYC. Amoco’s calling in from Virginia. Hey, Amber. Nice to see you. Rakita calling from New York. We have D.C. in the house from Pinny. And I’m sorry, you guys, if I said your name wrong, tell me. Correct me, correct me.

[00:02:24.250] But correct me if I’m wrong. OK, thank you. Brooklyn in the house. We have Macon, Georgia in the house. Thank you all again for all of your. We support so we’re going to get started and the first person that we have is a recruiter who is a supporter of. The higher black network and has a lot of jobs available, especially on our career stage careers that hire black, now that I want to introduce this new to this recruiter.

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[00:03:07.820] Because she has a lot of open roles available and so she is able to be connected with on LinkedIn. And let’s get her in here so you guys can get higher up in here. If you guys are ready for this, get ready in the chat. So will I introduce Catherine I.A.

[00:03:23.930] Catherine, thank you so much for being here. Hi. Thank you so much for having me. I am. Really excited, I’m going to jump off with a little bit of vulnerability and tell you I’m nervous, I. It actually never done. Looks like a quick five minute. Pitch like this. So if I stumble, if I mess up, just forgive me, but I’m really excited to share. Like you said, we have a lot of jobs open.

[00:04:04.450] I have nine open positions at our corporate level. Well, and then barista positions in. Every market, so I want to share a little bit about bluebottle for anyone who hasn’t heard of bluebottle. Well, we are a coffee company, Bluebottle Coffee, and we are in the Bay Area, we’re in L.A., New York, Boston, D.C. We also have cafes in Japan, Korea and Hong Kong. So we’re an international coffee company, really all about like that hospitality and bringing just like care into our coffee.

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[00:04:47.060] At Bluebottle, we have what we call our guiding principles. And I think that there’s something that make Bluebottle really special. So I’d love to share them with you. Our first one is welcome, everyone. So that is like a tenet of everything we do and something that we’re just deeply invested in, making sure that everyone that comes into a bluebottle space, everyone interacts with bluebottle, like we’re creating spaces where people belong and where everyone has a place at the table.

[00:05:16.850] And that’s something that we talk about all the way from, like in a being a barista, serving coffee to our highest level leadership. We also talk about raising the bar just like a kind of a group of people who always want to, like, do better, be better. And sometimes that comes with, like, uncomfortable growth and we’re here for it. We talk about building for tomorrow is one of our guiding principles about simplifying and then about growing together, which again, just like pulls in that whole idea of welcoming everyone, being excited to work together and then finding ways to push each other forward.

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[00:05:54.890] I want to share with you a little bit about the jobs we have available. So if you check out our careers site, careers, bluebottle coffee, dotcom, we’ve got some really cool marketing positions. We’re actually looking for a director of marketing and a production designer. We are looking for some members of our accounting team. So we’ve got a financial reporting manager and a senior staff accountant position up on the website. We’re looking for someone in sales on the West Coast.

[00:06:24.950] I definitely, as we are going through the roll call and calling out locations, I heard a lot of bluebottle markets in there. So we said we’re in L.A., we’re in DC, we’re in New York. And some of these positions are going to be based in our headquarters in Oakland. But a lot of them have flexibility to either start out remote or to be remote as long as you’re in a market where bluebottle does business right now. I’m also just really excited because we’re going into Chicago for the first time.

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[00:06:54.170] We’re going. And I open a beautiful new cafe, and so we’re actively recruiting our whole team. We need baristas, we need shift leave. We also need a regional culinary specialist. So those roles are all available. And I would love to chat through them and connect with anyone who’s interested, even just like learning more about Bluebottle. I’ve been in coffee for ten years. I dropped out of college and getting a barista job was like my first job after that.

[00:07:36.390] I fell in love with it, coffee brought a lot of, like, really beautiful things into my life, and so I’m really passionate about sharing like there are careers in coffee. You can take yourself like from an entry level food service position and have that, like, help you build a beautiful life for yourself. So if you are interested in one of these jobs I’ve talked about are interested in learning more about being a barista or anything in coffee, I would love to connect.

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[00:08:02.370] You got my LinkedIn as well as our careers site. And yeah, I think that’s my my pitch. Thank you so much, Catherine, I thank you for sharing. Miss, I have some people in the chat I wanted to just pull out, so we have to head to Jakarta, said, hi, Catherine, I’m moving to Kotlin in July. I’d love to connect and possibly discuss the further email marketing and CRM specialist. So let’s get you up in there.

[00:08:37.590] Feel free. I’m going to actually put your links in, right? I hear on the banner so everyone can see, let me say I have the lingo, you guys can look at Catherines Lieberman, right, too, if you want to. Yeah, yeah.

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[00:09:03.320] Can you put the email just in the private eye? OK, perfect. So I’m going to also add Catherine’s email address right here in the banner. Let me just bring that up. All right. So adding this banner, that’s Catherine’s email address. So if you guys want and you guys are looking into getting into these roles, let’s let’s talk about it. So we have Bay over here saying that she’d like to know more about the regional culinary position.

[00:09:30.440] So there’s going to be connecting with you as well. Katherine Penney said, good job, Katherine. And then they also said good pitch. So thank you again, Katherine, for coming in and being a supporter of the hire black community. I also want to I do want to say that Katherine is a one of the people that you can see in our many companies that are featured on our careers page, which asked Ashley Ashley, but careers that hire black male that are so always be connected with that as well.

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[00:09:59.330] There are a lot of opportunities to connect. And I just want to say thank you so much. I hope that you guys are able to connect with Katherine. I’m going to put her I’m going to take all of these off so that you guys can see her email again. And hopefully you guys can go ahead and connect with her and get yourself hired less. Get it. Thanks, Katherine. All right. All right, awesome. So hopefully you guys are feeling great about starting to get connected.

[00:10:30.650] Like I said, I want to make sure that you guys are getting in with opportunities. I also want to give the floor to job seekers, entrepreneurs and other people who are within the community. So let’s get started and let’s start moving on to the next person who is Tristram’s Lindow. Let’s give it up for Tresh as I bring into the chat Pateros.

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[00:10:52.580] Good morning, everyone. Good morning from Los Angeles. Good afternoon. If you’re on the East Coast. My name is Trishala. No, I am a senior manager in digital media content and I’m also a graduate of Florida. And a university with a degree in broadcast journalism, I’m super happy to be here to shoot my shot. I’ve never done. This before, but let’s see how it goes. So previously I was a senior manager at BuzzFeed Tastee here in Los Angeles, I managed a team of six creating content on our YouTube platform and also on Instagram and Facebook and and ticktock, even one of the things I’m very, very passionate about is giving BIPAC and Bayport people and those from the LGBTQ community a shot in the food space.

[00:12:03.210] That’s something that we don’t see enough of is diversity within the food space. So I was able to bring in a lot of talent to come in and share their expertize in food, whether it be from a food stylist to being on camera talent. As a woman of color, I was definitely one of the voices who was loudest in making sure that. We showcase diverse. Within the food space. That’s something I’m very, very proud of and hopefully that I can continue to give people and black people and people of color the opportunity to shine.

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[00:12:55.090] And basically, when the. The things that I’m very excited about in something that I believe is one of my biggest strengths is being able to manage large teams and also to develop talent in a really nurturing way while basically pulling the best out of them. That’s something that I’m really great at. I am currently looking for a new role. What would be great is a senior role within digital media or technology. I love technology. I love the pace that it moves.

[00:13:26.990] I love how exciting it is. And I think technology is something that we can all connect on, especially now that most of us are working remote from home. I love the fact that we can connect with anyone around the world, so that makes me super excited. A couple of the other roles I’ve had before in the past. I’m also a former employee of Own in Los Angeles, the Oprah Winfrey Network. I was part of the relaunch team for Oprah Dotcom and I managed a team that created 90 pieces of content per month for Oprah Dotcom.

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[00:14:02.660] So that included being, as you guys probably guessed, food, lifestyle, you name it. I’ve done it. And a lot of people always ask me, what’s Oprah like? She’s really, really nice, obviously, but we didn’t get like a ton of time with her, but because she was busy being Oprah. But it was a great opportunity to connect. And with some of the greatest minds in the world and spiritual leaders within the space and previously as well, I worked for Maker Studios and.

[00:14:44.400] The studios here in Los Angeles. I know I’m although I’m. Based in Los Angeles, I am open to working anywhere in the country or anywhere in the world. Obviously, I know everyone is working remotely, but I’m totally open to that as well. Some of the things that I’m passionate about are creating content in the lifestyle space, and that includes anything from food, wellness, fashion, music, beauty. It’s something that I think that I’ve always been excited about.

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[00:15:25.380] And I’m also really excited about supporting black women and women of color who don’t get the opportunities as much as we should. So I’m always one of the largest voices within digital media to make sure that we give those voices a shot to be heard. I’m also really passionate about social impact and making an impact in our communities and supporting a lot of the people who are impacted, especially during this pandemic, by people who are maybe experiencing homelessness, giving back and supporting those people in a real way by handing out blankets or donating to different organizations to support those people.

[00:16:15.180] So that is something that I’m super excited about. And I’m hoping that I land somewhere really exciting and fun and somewhere that is really passionate about diversity and inclusion, not just saying it, but also doing it. I think we’ve seen a lot of companies, especially in the last year, who have said that they are supporting our communities, but it’s all been a little bit performative. So I think that I would love to be a part of an organization or a company that is really about it, and that is doing it in a very, very real way.

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[00:16:50.520] So thank you guys for having me. Thank you. I mean, it’s massive that everybody I saw so many people loving you in the and first of all, I just want to say the fact that you are within this community and you are pinching yourself and shooting your shot like that just shows how much like excellence is empowered. Like, um, I really love the fact that, like, you exemplify how great all of the people in the community are and how.

[00:17:21.380] Talented and. Wonderful, and how did. Mick, I love hearing your story, love. Hearing where you your background and your history and would love to see where you go, we’ll see how we first of all, I want to say to anyone in the chat, I know that you guys have connect. So if you guys have a connection to it, let’s put her in, let’s connect her, connect with her and introduce her interests. After this, I’m going to take some time to see what we can come through, people that we know that are looking for people in the digital media space.

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[00:18:19.740] So we can make some introductions as well, because I know that a lot of people reach out to me and I’m like, OK, I got to know. But now I have someone on top of mine. After hearing that, I’m going to bring some attention to some people in the chat that want to give you your kudos and give your praise. Actually, our coordinator said loving this pitch cachaça outrace is amazing. Courtney said, wow, that’s so amazing.

[00:18:46.470] Kenny said, Are you open to be a mentor? Your pitch is amazing. The lamest of awesome. We have people saying, wow, awesome job. Amazing. We have someone who said I’d hire you if I could really love what you bring to the table. Like I said, I’m going to go on and we’re going to I’m going to have actually. Absolutely. I know you’re watching this, actually. If you can look through the higher the back end of the job board and see if there’s anything that’s good for Trish, let’s get her connected to the person who is the who is the poster.

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[00:19:17.910] Let’s get her to connect it to the to the manager as ASAP. All right. Let’s get her up. All right. So let’s see what else they said. The colors are pop and a lot of people are like, oh, she looks great. So thanks so much. Is there anything or what would be a tip that you may have, at least in the background? Who’s going to who’s going to come next? Said you did that?

[00:19:42.690] I think so. So if you guys all say we’re going to ask Trish some for her tip on shooting her shot because she came up here, she showed up and she did a ten out of ten job. All right. So thank you again for coming. Thank you for connecting. I’m going to put shrinkers. Tricia’s linked in just in case you guys missed it before. Take so take a screenshot. Do whatever you have to do to make sure you’re connected with her.

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[00:20:11.880] And we’re going to take you off. I’ll bring you back on. Thanks again, Trish. We’re going to go to the next person, OK? All right. So the next person I still have, Trish, is up right now. So we have an entrepreneur in the building. Of course, we have to support black. We have the buy black. We when I’m talking about higher black, we talked to higher black in different ways. We talk about putting money in the pockets of blacks, black women.

[00:20:36.180] OK, so let’s bring another entrepreneur into the house. So we have going to make sure you have Zorya, who is going to come in and she’s going to pitch her business. I look forward to hearing what Zarian has to say. First, let me take the banner off. My my my mouth is not working, so I’m over here using this trackpad, trying to do as much as I can. But Zarya Hunter, let’s bring you into the house.

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[00:21:00.160] Hazarika Hi everyone. Thank you for so much for pitching. So I’m giving you your time. Give you. So I’ll remove myself so that you guys you can take the floor.

[00:21:13.950] Hello everyone. Let me first start by saying trist. That was amazing. So I know I have to come within. I’m extremely nervous but my name is, I am from Houston, Texas, and I’m a recent graduate from the University of North Texas majoring in merchandizing and digital retailing. When I graduated in May of twenty nineteen, I started my career as a practice representative at a practice center in the Houston area. So there I did a lot of networking, a lot of client relations, a lot of scheduling, a lot of event planning.

[00:21:46.500] And then in February of twenty twenty, that’s when life may oppose it for me. I didn’t think that that would happen because I didn’t like that. I had for myself after graduation. What, that I was going to be killing it. But after February twenty twenty, I had time to reflect and figure out what exactly I wanted to do. A little bit little did I know that having a job as a representative will lead me to the opportunities that I have now being a virtual assistant.

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[00:22:13.470] So now I assist clients every day with their business that it doesn’t matter if they establish a business or a startup. It is very rewarding to assist them and their social media, scheduling, email management and this to be a part of a team and to see a business grow, especially a black startup, or starting enough with a small black owned business. I did you during the time of when the pandemic here was very, very low point for me.

[00:22:45.120] But having that reflection and being able to look back and say, you know, how to do these things your mind is always at. You, your friends and family are always asking you, you’ve constantly overextended yourself, the internship and a nine to five, so you have the skills to be able to build your own business. So it’s been very rewarding. And I’m just really excited to connect with everyone and just to be able to wake up and work with businesses that I love and to be able to build my skill set every day and they’ll be alongside of projects is very rewarding.

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[00:23:18.710] In the comments, in the comment, I have my my LinkedIn and also where you can schedule a free call so we can talk about your business and the type of assistance that you need, because I’m very passionate about increasing my client’s productivity, decreasing their sanity and increasing their creativity. So thank you so much. And I look forward to hear from you. Thank you. I’m about to put your your your scheduling the free call up in here. Thank you so much.

[00:23:50.450] First of all, I want to say the first thing is you are pitching yourself. You came out, you went into the world in the world has been crazy, but you are out here pitching yourself. I want to give you kudos for that. That is amazing. And I also want to say that you are a business. And I want everyone to hear this. Our business. This is so essential services, estella’s to? And in her business, how?

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[00:24:31.190] Helps other businesses grow. Virtual assistance really are an integral part of business, so if you guys are entrepreneurs, if you know an entrepreneur that needs help, if you are starting your business, I think that it’s really, really, really important for you guys to start your business off with someone who is really, really used to all of this legwork and all of this assistance because you can’t do it alone. And I want everyone to say, who thinks that they could be a solo partner?

[00:25:05.360] Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Although I’m sure we all can. We are strong. We are especially strong black women that have the same. Don’t try to do this alone. Have your support, have your group, have your crew, have your tribe in Zarya, has a tribe for you. So let’s give it up for Zarya. I’m going to point to some people that are in the community that have said. That that wants to say something about you still so.

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[00:25:41.030] Takita said, I love this, Daria. Congratulations. I know that’s right, Zoraida. We have a very valuable skill set out on a shot, Ashleigh, that said 20, 20 grads, we got this. Zorya, you killed this. And I’m just saying, just like Ashley, period.

[00:26:07.060] Twenty twenty graduates, especially the graduates. I was like, no, this, this, this, this, this, this structure. And was like, I’m going to hustle like Zarya. I love that. Courtney said, great job. They said, awesome job. Amber said might need to connect and get some advice. Yes. Connect with sorry. I’m going to put her I’m going to put her connect as well. Zarya Hunter on LinkedIn. And they said A, we cannot do this alone.

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[00:26:37.780] We can’t do it alone. So hit up Zarya for you, for your support on your to add someone to your team. I always say the first person to add to your team is a admin or coordinator, a personal assistant. And Zorya has all that on deck. I want to shout out also to my neighbor, who is black co-ordinator Ashley, that first was so integral. So you guys want to hire a personal a virtual assistant. You guys need that support is here for you.

[00:27:08.300] OK, I’m going to do Katrina. Who said yes, Daria, you have the skills and I love the glasses. So thank you so much for coming out. For showing out, for pitching yourself. I’m going to put your banner one more time because we were trying to make these Conex happen. Schedule your free call right here. Look at that. Screenshot that actually, if you can, what I’m going to do is I’m going to do a after like an after after party post where I’m going to put all of these posts.

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[00:27:46.540] Are all of these all of these links within within the comments. So you guys will be able to connect in case you guys don’t have that. But thanks again, Zarya Huntsberry, know the name. Extend your team, do what you guys need. Thank you so much for coming. And we’ll we’re going to bring Zorya again at the end so she can put her one tip to shoot her on for you for you to be able to shoot your shot.

[00:28:09.430] Thank you. Thank you. All right.

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[00:28:13.900] So we have had three people to connect with so far. We had Catherine from Blue Bottle Coffee. We had Trish Lindow, who was the digital queen, the digital content queen, Tsarina that is here for you guys to extend your team so that you guys are not doing all of your your work alone. So the next person that we have is Elise Robinson. And so if you guys are in tech, I need you to tell somebody to tell somebody about what really has to offer at is about to come up and share with you guys a bunch of resources.

[00:28:45.310] When I saw Elise’s submission, I was just like, whoa, hold up, hold up. We need to bring her on here because she has some comments and some things for you are. So, Elise, thank you so much for coming in and joining us today. Hi, my name is Alex Robinson, I’m excited to be here and all the women that went before me, don’t be scared. You did really good. I run news and I see there’s this thing called building and public now.

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[00:29:14.120] And so that’s what I did. I got on Twitter one one night and it was like, well, you know, I love it. I’ve always wanted to be in it, but it just never worked out. And I was I became an auditor instead. And so I thought, well, maybe today I wake up, I want to be engineer. So I did. And so I started tweeting my progress. They have hashtags like hundreds days of code black.

[00:29:41.000] Twitter is a big one. Twitter is another one. And so you tweet your progress every day. And so I was like, well, they’re saying that you need these certifications for I.T., right? And so I was like, well, you know, I don’t really want to pay for them. And second of all, I live in I live in Mexico. And so one of these certifications is like three months of my rent. So, you know, I work really hard to pay for them.

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[00:30:08.240] And so I started doing research as an auditor. I mean, one of the main things that we do is research. And so our research on Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, all these resources, and I started winning them like I’ve won a scholarship to get my scrum master and my product vouchers and US vouchers scholarship to a programing boot camp. Just just a whole bunch of things like that. And so people like, well, you know, I want these things to say, OK, well, let me build a business around it.

[00:30:43.370] And that’s how news and it got started. So basically provide resources to either get into I.T. or to upgrade your career in I.T. And so things like scholarships, free events, free or discounted vouchers, free boot camps is a huge one. And one of the main selling ones is free you courses. I probably have about over six hundred courses. I’ve completed three of them so far. So the cost of the subscription is basically one you course. So it’s it’s very worth it.

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[00:31:19.790] The testimonials on the website speaks for themselves. I recently had a woman say that she’s getting into a boot camp to get her PMP done for free. So yeah, sign up for news. And it if you’re thinking about getting in I.T. is is amazing what it is doing right now. And if you want to upgrade your career. We are here for you. We’re here to greet the crew, and first of all, I just have to when you said this, I was like, you just woke up and decided that she wanted to be here with me.

[00:31:53.910] That is obvious. She says she did it. I love it.

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[00:31:57.930] I’m going to be an engineer. And I mean, I became one.

[00:32:04.290] And I really what I really love is the fact that you are you are resourceful. And she’s like, let me tell you, we’re going to we’re going to figure this out. We’re going to figure out how we’re going to do it and we’re going to figure out how we’re going to get it as as resourceful as possible. So I love it. You guys go and look up news and I see that. I think that that’s an amazing, amazing concept, amazing resource for everyone, especially if you are in.

[00:32:29.560] So if you know someone, tell someone about it because she’s making all of these. She’s putting this effort into finding all of these resources and putting it at your fingertips. This is ours. This is time. This is all of this work for you to easily have this stuff available at your fingertips. I want to say she said, yes, this is the type of stuff that we need to hear this type of stuff to see. Courtney said, amazing.

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[00:32:56.150] So thank you so much, Elise, for this opportunity. Yes, I’m here for it. Do what you want to do. And so I love the fact that you are bringing people in, bringing people into your world, bringing people in and showing you even the thought to show your progress. This I always say like lift as you as you climb. Right. So this this was such a perfect example. Elise, thank you for not only thinking about yourself, but thinking about how you can bring this to the rest of the community and make a business out of it because you should get paid for.

[00:33:31.290] Do you get paid to do that?

[00:33:34.070] So thank you again for the last bit. For the last round, I’m going to bring everyone else right back in so we couldn’t say. But we have fresh that’s bringing we’re bringing back and Zoraida and back in the house to answer any questions or for us to highlight what you guys are saying in the chat. So you guys have something else to say to these ladies. Let’s put you in the chat and I’m going to in the meantime, I’m going to ask everyone to take a second, to take a second to let us know what what is one tip that you guys let’s say about basically like how what was once said that you would give to someone who is afraid or nervous to shoot their shots and you guys have done it.

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[00:34:24.020] Maybe if it’s shooting a shot to a person in an elevator, maybe you met Oprah, right. And you’re just like, I got this for 30 seconds.

[00:34:32.270] What would be your tips to shoot your shot? I’m going to start with a with a Mrs.. Previously at home, but tasty herself because she is she talked about maybe knowing or meeting Oprah. So let’s let me take the banner off. Let’s bring you back to Tristram’s. What is your what is your take. Yeah. Thank you for that. I appreciate and thank you for to everyone for all that lovely. Super nice. Especially first thing in the morning in L.A..

[00:35:03.050] One of my one of my things and that’s just who I am as a person is that I’m fearless. I believe in the the proverb of say yes to everything. I say yes to everything. And sometimes that can be good or bad. But I think any time you get an opportunity, especially if it feels good in your gut, do it. And I don’t I don’t worry about the consequences or if I fail or stumble or anything like that.

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[00:35:33.350] So what, you get yourself right back up. But I would say to to everyone, just be fearless, don’t care what anyone thinks. Don’t care if if you think that, oh, I don’t know if I’m doing this the right way, like who cares. Like we’ve been like in way for like a year, like we’re all living at home like who cares. Like you just do it anyway. So that’s that’s basically my motto for everything is just do it anyway, so.

[00:36:07.160] Love it, just do it anyway. Say yes to everything, that’s what she has to say, OK? And you guys have heard it where she’s been and where she us. We’ll see where she’s going. So I would say I mean, I’m taking that note right now that you guys are as well. Katrina said, oh, she said fearless. And I felt that. All right. All right. Yes. Be fearless. I love love that.

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[00:36:32.480] Thank you so much. Now, let’s go to Syria. Like, what would you say we are hit would be for someone if you are telling someone, hey, you need to shoot your shot. This here is one tip.

[00:36:44.580] OK, so first of all, Chris, you spoke to me. So what I would say is, I mean, honestly, you just have to do it. I am so uncomfortable. I’ve been uncomfortable since February like this. This is just a part of the process I’m uncomfortable talking to right now. Feel even though I’ve pitch myself, is this something that. You have to do a little bit to prepare. I did read over my bio, but then ultimately I was just like Zarya, this is just story.

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[00:37:14.210] So just go there and tell them that’s all you can do. And, you know, I have a I have a bad habit of what if I said what if I start talking too fast? It is what it is. If anything, this was practice for me, for me to get to the next process of my journey. So I just had to. I just had to because the longer I put things off, I won’t grow. And I’ve learned that.

[00:37:37.790] And it’s, like I said, is very uncomfortable, but it’s just something I have to do. And I realized that. So just do it differently. You know what you can do? You know you’re worthy of it and practice everything is practice. I see at least interest not in I’m over, you’re not who we are. I love as you said, sorry, you said do it what you have to do. And I love how you see it as practice for the next phase of your journey.

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[00:38:08.310] Something that I like. Katrina said, yes, your story, something that I really, really like, also like to see is some people think the future me bright like this is the future. I’m doing this for the future. The future you and you today is that same you is one part. Ask, right? And so you’re not working for just that future you like this is this is this is you have to put these actions into being that back to you right now.

[00:39:03.000] Right. So you’re already there. I love how you’re like this is practice because you said I’m already there, honey, I’m already there. This is just this is like where this is this is this is just what I already do. I have to do it because I have to get to where I want to go. So thank you so much. We have someone says they’re true, Zorya, just do it. And then someone says when you change US practices, it takes the pressure off.

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[00:39:28.590] Right. I love, love, love. That’s hip. So you guys take these notes because situations are you have said something to say, OK, and I know Elise is going to bring it to Elise. What is your tip for someone who is nervous or about shooting their shot? How would you recommend someone Wohlforth and shoot their shot to be a Scorpio?

[00:39:49.920] Because the only Scorpio’s I’ve ever heard, say, Fairless, besides actually so pretty close. I do have tendencies myself. I am. I’m fearless. I mean, nobody can tell me nothing. I’ve done so much in my life. Like, no one can tell me anything. So and like like you said, if you’re talking about yourself, no one can tell you about yourself. You know, you should know yourself in and out. You know your story.

[00:40:19.650] And you know, no one can tell you anything else. You’re talking about your business, about yourself, that that should be easy. That should be easy as pie. My thing is like like you said, mouse don’t get fat. So if I don’t take that opportunity, if I don’t open my mouth, I mean, no one’s going to do anything. My mother used to tell me when I was younger, like, nobody is going to hit you.

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[00:40:42.630] If you if if you if they say no, what are you scared of? So, you know, open your mouth. You know, you won’t get a yes or you won’t get a nose. So open their mouth and say those words and see what that person says. Otherwise it’s always going to be no. Yes, we love to hear it. We love to hear it. I think that was a great thing. I mean, what I heard was what resonated with Katrina as well.

[00:41:11.200] So who can tell me about myself as well? Tell me about myself. I love that energy.

[00:41:20.580] First of all, at least I mean, do I need to hear you? I was about to start replaying this. I’m going to make this a little clip. I need to hear that every day in the mornings. I’m like, OK, who could tell me about myself? All right.

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[00:41:31.060] That is a good news. Write it down. Who could tell me about myself? So when you guys are going into that interview, who can tell me about myself? I want to hear you say that because I see your music. I know.

[00:41:45.910] I know. I love words of affirmation. And I believe that you got to speak it into existence. So who can tell me about myself?

[00:41:52.510] So you two, who can tell me about myself, love this energy. If you guys are so immature, I want you guys who can tell me about myself and the chad. That is a great way to end this. So I’m going to put everyone’s link one more time. We had we had XIII’s LinkedIn is right here. Connect with Zorya on LinkedIn. All right. We put Miss Elise Rumsen. That is the Lease’s LinkedIn. So connect with Elise and we have Trish as well.

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[00:42:28.750] So let me bring up again. Let me see. Give me one sec and then we have Trish right here. So connect with all three of these exceptional, phenomenal women within the community. Let’s continue. I want to do so. So this was more people said who could tell me about myself? Penny wrote it down on a Post-it note. All right. Let’s remember this. Thank you so much for the inspiration. Thank you so much for the connection.

[00:42:59.200] Thank you so much for all of this. And I look forward to continuing to stay connected again. I love this energy. If you guys you guys heard what they said, who could tell me by myself? You guys heard what they said. It’s your story. You guys heard they said be fearless. So the next time we put this LinkedIn superstar, I want to hear from you guys. All right. I want to hear from you guys in this audience.

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[00:43:22.900] Thank you all so much. This is recorded. So we will have this to be fair and we’re going to sign off. But I appreciate you all for coming. I appreciate you being your shot. And I continue to I want you guys to connect with each other and I will continue to stay connected with all of you. All right.

[00:43:41.260] Thank you. How have you tell?

Elyse Y. Robinson @ BeAForeigner Inc.
Elyse Y. Robinson

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