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Black American Woman in Mexico

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I Scratched My First Lottery Ticket in Mexico

What a day I had! Bought my first lottery ticket, went to my first casino, and just lived!

Sorry, Moving Overseas Ain’t For Everyone

Podcast! When you can’t figure out life in your home country, don’t think moving to another is going to solve your problems.

My One Year Anniversary of Being an Immigrant to Mexico

Youtube! I celebrate my one year anniversary of becoming a permanent resident of Mexico.

My Grocery Bill For 03/28/2019 While Living in Merida, Mexico

I want to start a new 'series' of blog posts. So people can see how I live, how cheap it is to live here, and because these are easy posts while I work on BeAForeigner.

No Honors, No Awards

Podcast! I talk about how I didn't follow the 'rules' in life. I barely graduated high school and college!

Reverse Culture Shock and My First Pitch

Podcast! Reverse culture shock is REAL...what is it and what exactly happens? Also, I did my first pitch to investors for my business.

Culture Shock

Podcast! What is culture shock and what does it look like?

Mexican Zucaritas or United States Frosted Flakes?

Youtube! I compare Mexican Zucaritas to USA Frosted Flakes.

Entrepreneur Life

Podcast! Entrepreneur life and my father is acting up. 😒

My First Electric Bill in Merida

My first electric bill in Mexico (my first two apartments were paid for me).