Elyse Y. Robinson

Black American Woman in Mexico

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Buy a China Cell Phone Sim Card Before You Leave

I got a sim card off of Amazon before I left for China.

A Weird Dream I Had About China

These dreams I have...

Booking a Hotel in Beijing

I found my hotel for Beijing!

Getting my Work Permit for China

My work permit was approved!

Buying My Plane Tickets to China

I have to go from the US to Beijing then to my final destination.

American Airlines Points Structure Sucks

I don't like American Airlines.

Get Health Insurance Before You Leave the Country

Health insurance and travel insurance are both important overseas.

I'm Not Going to Costa Rica

One day I'll make it Costa Rica for my mother...but right now she's watching me in México.

Minimalism is the Key

Minimalism is a real thing.

What I Receive as a University Employee in China

List of all my benefits for my first China job.