Elyse Y. Robinson

Black American Woman in Mexico

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A Mexico City Bull Fight #BRUTAL

Podcast! Youtube! Argue with your mother, but watching a bull fight was an amazing experience.

Deodorant #5 of 12 Review - PiperWai

Youtube! All natural deodorant review of Piper Wai.

A Bad Storm in Mexico City

Youtube! A terrible storm came through Mexico City.

Charles Schwab Bank - Best Bank for Americans that Travel and Live Overseas

If you travel or live overseas, then you should have a Schwab account.

I Had a Seizure in Mexico City

I had a seizure on the train, good thing my friend was there with me.

Review of Rappi - Latin America's Wonderful Delivery App

What is Rappi? It's like Uber...but for ANYTHING you ever need or want.

I Straddle Two Worlds

Being an American is difficult because the country won't fully let go.

I'm OFFICIALLY OFFICIALLY a Permanent Resident of Mexican!

Youtube! I'm officially a permanent resident of Mexico!

My First Time Going to Mardi Gras in New Orleans

I went to Mardi Gras for the first time.

After the Earthquake in Mexico City

Youtube! My neighborhood was hit hard by the earthquake.