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Black American Woman in Mexico

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Tacos! Tacos! Tacos!

Podcast! I love tacos...every kind of taco and the salsa!

First Time Flying as a Mexican Resident

I'm officially leaving the country as a Permanent Resident.

Do I Miss the United States?

Podcast! Do I miss the US ever? 🤔

Becoming a Mexican National and Taxes as a US Citizen

Podcast! Taxes as a US citizen.

BeAForeigner.com and The Lonely Expat Life

Podcast! No one will understand your life once you become an expat.

My First Interview in Mexico City

Podcast! Got my first job interview here.


Youtube! I show you the delicious lichi.

Medicine is Much, Much Cheaper in Mexico

Podcast! I show you the delicious lichi and I talk about healthcare in Mexico.

Robbery in Mexico City

Podcast! Someone I know got robbed on her way to school early in the morning.

How To Live overseas Without Going Broke

A few options on how not to go broke and have to come home.