Elyse Y. Robinson

Black American Woman in Mexico

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Videos of GORGEOUS Antigua, Guatemala

Youtube! Videos of Antigua, Guatemala.

A Black American Woman Does A Homestay in Guatemala

Podcast! I was terrified of doing a homestay, but everything is ok.

My First Day at Spanish School

My first day of Spanish school was went well.

I Have Arrived in Guatemala

I arrived in Guatemala safe and sound.

Guatemala and Language Immersion

Podcast! Off to Guatemala!

A New Adventure in Antigua, Guatemala

Podcast! I'm in love with Mexico City but...

Am I Lactose Intolerant in Mexico?

Podcast! Are you lactose intolerant? I'm not anymore.

Struggling in the US

Podcast! Why are you struggling in the US or (insert country here)?

What can $196 pesos get me in Mexico City?

Youtube! What can 196 pesos get me in the grocery store?

Grabbing Some Tacos at a Taco Cart in Mexico City

Youtube! Let's go grab some tacos.