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Black American Woman in Mexico

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Smoking Volcano in Guatemala

Youtube! The volcano is smoking!

Dos Cucarachas and Living in Guatemala for a Month

Podcast! Dos Cucarachas and I've officially been in Guatemala for a month!

Black = Novelty

Podcast! It's 2018! Why is seeing a Black person met with such curiosity? Also, we went to a hot spring...waste of time.

Toe Fuckery at the Spa - Bamboo Antigua Spa

Come look at this mess!

Spanish Progress in Guatemala

Podcast! Food blog and how is my Spanish now?

Free Private Tour in Antigua, Guatemala

I got a free, private tour from my school.

Progress With Spanish and Food Poisoning in Guatemala

Podcast! Youtube! I got food poisoned.

The Struggle in Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua is nothing like Mexico City.

Chocolate Museum and Wine Tasting in Guatemala

I visit the chocolate museum and do a wine tasting.

My First Week in Guatemala is Over!

Podcast! My first week in Antigua is done.