Elyse Y. Robinson

Black American Woman in Mexico

How is the Diet and Food in México? | Elyse Y. Robinson

How is the Diet and Food in México?

July 22, 2020

Healthy Mexico

I have been gone a month, but I haven’t felt like being on camera or talking. Just an update on life here in Mexico with the coronavirus. Drastic changes have taken place so I’m going to head out. I did an interview with a friend who is a personal trainer and is wonderful at what he does. We talk about diet and exercise in Mexico.

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Hi, my name is Lisa Robinson. I am a black American woman that lives in Mexico. Why do I live in Mexico because my mother passed away from blood cancer in November 2016. And so I have to flight to Mexico City and the largest cities on Earth. I’ve never set foot in Mexico. And so I had quit my whole life in order to take care of my mother and help out my family. And so since I didn’t have anything left, I decided to go explore the world a little bit. ended up in Mexico, like I said, Never been I’ve never even been here before. Even though I live on the border twice, and change my life. And I’ve been here ever since I called my father about a month and a half into me living here and told him, I’m not coming back.

My story and I’m sticking to it. Please be

sure to subscribe to the channel for more updates on being a black American woman living in Mexico updates on Mexico and of course the Coronavirus at this point. Um, be sure to subscribe to the podcast if you’re listening instead.

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people lost on here. They claim they want to move overseas.

Like I chose my other day. Most people ain’t got juice but it’s Curious

you thinking about it and you got any questions


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Mexico Guatemala China

visa process in any country? Um How much girl at least Robinson calm and that’d be a foreigner calm where I have opportunities to move overseas daily insane so just an update on what’s going on in Mexico because it’s been a month over a month since I’ve been on YouTube and I’ve done a podcast I can’t believe it went by that quick I just ain’t been in the mood and I’ve been doing

extra shit with my life um

after this after this video and podcasts I did an interview over a month ago shout out the Christian

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where I talked about

living in Mexico and the food here diet and so after after The update that’s what’s going to play God excuse my editing skills cuz maybe one day I’ll learn but not today. um so yeah

I forgot my phone my phone’s dead,

but off the top of my head since yesterday it was 915 deaths. So for the past couple of days the deaths have been in the low 200 300 400 but they jumped back up today. So and today is what july

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july july 22 2020. Is

my window open number one?

windows essay and

yeah July see what I just told you. To the second 22 yards Excuse me, I was a bit late last night I was up, just cupcake.

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Do it and nothing. Um, and so yeah, I think it was 914 days since yesterday, which is horrible because that’s, that’s us numbers. That’s us numbers at this point. I just read an article about the United States that they had over 1000 I think it was today. I think it was today might have been yesterday. Um, so yeah, Mexico has like half the population in the United States yet. We have very high deaths and oh, nobody’s business out there. But I’m friend of a friend of a friend of a friend told me that somebody put sugar on their salad here. And just just to expand on that salads ain’t really a thing in Mexico. I mean, they have lots of fruits and vegetables in the store, but when you go out to eat, I mean, they really no salad and if there is it’s like a cucumber, and just regular lettuce, I mean maybe, maybe a radish, you know what I’m saying? So,

I don’t know when they eat fruits and vegetables,

but they have lots of smoothies smoothies are actually a thing here. You know, I get on, I get them juiced, and things like that, but

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status sugar all salads. So like I said in previous podcasts and YouTube videos, I was terrified of being here in Mexico because I had to make a choice on whether if I was going to go back home, or if I was going to stay here because there were no more flights. And if there were flights, it was gonna take 48 hours to get home and they were like $5,000. So diabetes is a huge thing here. High Blood Pressure is a huge thing here. The Mexican body shape is wide and all outside obese. And so people are literally dropping like flies here. And like I said in my previous podcasts and YouTube videos, the numbers are not accurate. Even Mexico said that the numbers are not accurate because number one, they’re not testing. And number two, they’re lying on death certificates.

And certificates that are here. Yeah.

So Mexico said it could be up to eight times higher. So if you want to times 1000 by eight

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per day, I mean that’s that is a lot.

That’s a lie Gao, um

I am coming home, because

we are like, worse locked down than we were before.

And I’m just I’m just tired of it.

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I’m telling people not to move around and not spread the shit, but I am. I’m tired and plus I live here and I’m going back to where I come from. So I guess it would be a little bit different than somebody that’s saying, Oh, I’m just gonna hop on a plane and kind of Mexico and live here illegally, you know what I’m saying? So, my situation is a lot different. And plus, I want to see my family and my friends and yeah, this is a strange and I’m going back to a hot spot which is Houston. I’m sorry, I’m all over the place to talk about this shit, but I’m in my sister is an essential healthcare worker and she’s telling me it’s very bad in the hospitals she never seen no shit like this before. So I’m gonna go be there for my sister to see my nephew go see my, my pop pop

my daddy

does a pop pop again.

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breeze is not so I’m going to go out and do things because I can really care less about doing things I just I just don’t know number one when I’ll have a chance to go back home. Number two she’s getting all the way real in the States. I mean, Portland, I just heard an article saying that they were pulling black people out of out of their prison cells and harassing them is just ridiculous. In gosh I’m so and who knows it might close down the borders again. So I’m gonna take this chance to go see my family since fights are back operating a little bit better and

just go home and chill for a little bit Be Loved on and give some love

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here like I said they locked down more we have a curfew now curfew is at 1030 and I’m that means there’s no Uber. There’s no there’s no taxis which is dangerous at this point. I mean, I literally I had a pinched nerve in my neck. And so like I could literally, you know, poke the spot in the pain was shoot up to my head. And so my head was on fire and I didn’t know what the fuck What’s going on so I wanted to go to the emergency room to see you know make sure I’m not having an aneurysm or something not here dying um

but I was not able to number one get over

get a taxi

or get an ambulance for that matter

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so to shoot is sick out here is scary um and that’s my one of my main reasons for wanting to go home because we have curfew is shutting down at five six o’clock um is is just ridiculous. I just read an article today saying they’re not sewn anything that’s not a dozen an essential luckily I got me a printer and some papers

the other day because um I needed that for business shit and Getting back into work in Spanish a lot

among other things, so

I wouldn’t even be able to buy that shit right now is just ridiculous. Um, what else? What else is going on? I should have wrote this down, but I didn’t know I had to apologize on the impulse. Like I said I was up late. So

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yeah, and they’re saying that the hospitals are overflowing. I eventually did go to the hospital at the hospital. It was about 545 in the morning. So the Uber starts back up by five o’clock in the morning. When I call 911. I was like all it is number to see if you can get an ambulance and they was like, yeah, ain’t no ambulance, because I’m there transporting cobia patients back and forth and I’m just a wide This is like always serious like always here. I’m like, I want to cry like last year’s, um, and so, like I said, I wasn’t able to get an ambulance they called police. The police came through here and they were like, yo, we can’t take you up my wife put me back in the hospital right there.

Because like, literally my head my head, my head was on fire. I don’t know what the fuck was going on, but I guess I’m fine. I’m alive.

And so I went to the hospital. And they have people from the hospital. And they’re like,

Are you having breathing problems and you check your temperature and shit? I’m like, Yeah, but I guess I mean already had the COVID so like, I ain’t got no more

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so and

I’ve never had a fever. So cracking me up when he when he checked the when they checked the fever thing. Um, so they sent me around to the other side of the hospital, which was doing And when I went when I had the COVID issue in my lungs and felt like it was about to collapse, so they’ve rearranged the hospital. And so the lady asked me like, can you breathe and I’m like, a little bit. I shouldn’t say that. I should have said that.

She was like, when you go to the COVID side, I’m like this.

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I’m not going to the fucking COVID side. So I took my ass at home because I felt a lot better after I had massage on my neck a lot. Um,


I don’t know I need to go to the doctor and and

get checked out I guess.

I guess I’m fine. I’m still here. I’m bringing them alive. So that’s my story. I’m thinking anything else? Um

Yeah, we’re back sitting down. Oh, they took liquor over Again, luckily I was able to buy three bottles for the price of two, like two days before they close it down. I haven’t touched them. But they’re there in case I need them one night. One morning one one afternoon

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I don’t really care about the liquor but I mean if we don’t have curfew and you know, be locked down and she got to give us something. I’m trying to think what else?

I have to

I literally have to

fly to Mexico City. Because I haven’t taken a test there. And from Mexico City and find the can come and then from kenkel alone where I need to be so because kanku is cheaper It’s ridiculous how much the plane tickets are flying out of Mexico City but it will make my life a whole lot easier and safer.

It’s just ridiculous.

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Some upset about that.

Anything else

I can talk about at this point?

I guess more inside information about what’s going on in the States because like I said, My sister is a frontline worker.

So um,

literally every every night that she works every day that she works I’m sitting here like I’m waiting waiting on the on the team on what’s going on, but it’s bad and it’s killing me on the inside because There are literally people out there still saying that this shit is fake and it’s not real and people are not dropping dead. Like my sister is out here telling me that she is seeing the shit. Like every week and people are dying, they can’t hold oxygen. She’s telling me for whatever reason, and they go down very quickly, very, very quickly.

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As all my you know, my

sisters out here like literally

about to have a mental breakdown, because the shit is serious out here. And if people are wrong for saying it’s not real, now I’ll be honest, I was skeptical in the beginning because my sister was getting canceled.


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she she wasn’t seeing anything. But I guess it’s coming in waves and blocks in areas and

Houston is fucked right now.

And so my theory is because I’ve I’ve experienced it myself. Is that censorship? So what people really need to be worried about? Is the censorship of what the fuck is going on. I mean, we’re literally getting videos of people ran over by cars okay because of the writing and people acting a fool I mean, we got booty shakin videos people are here fucking on video, but we have man video of this coalition. Now to put it into perspective.


is or was really bad. And there were bodies in the streets, okay, they have videos on Twitter. One week they were on there the next week they were gone. So and I think All that shit with my own eyes. Um,

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so what people need to be concerned about is the fucking censorship of the damn internet.

But I’m letting y’all know, the shit is real here, because my sister is seeing it almost every day. And serious. Hospitals are overflowing. They are moving people around here in Mexico here in the United States. And it’s just mind boggling to me that there’s over 190 countries on this earth because people keep saying HIPAA. I’m like the United States ain’t the only

country on this earth. So HIPAA does not apply around the world.

So, things are being censored.

And I think that’s part of the reason why people do not believe this shit is real, because there is no video. I mean, we can read everything that we want to doesn’t make it real. No lies can be written that is a given. videos can be faked, but you know i’m not i think that’s part of reason why people think it’s not fake guy. I mean it’s fake out here.

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So again,

I’m all over the place but

yeah, I get the gist and please wear a mask because it has been proven in Asia over and over again that the shit works okay.

keep a safe distance from people

have a healthy outlet out here because I noticed she is you know my healthy alpha is going into the spa I actually need to go today. Today I’m gonna see if they got any appointments. I’m getting a massage and a Mani pedi

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Try to stay healthy. Eat right drink lots of water take some vitamins you know some essential oils out here exercise

just be safe out there. And

be sure to check out the blog Elise Robinson comm check out


podcast on their YouTube channel. Subscribe please like the video.

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over now, check out the interview idea of a Christian shout out to Christian and, again, take it easy out there y’all because

Okay, cool. Um, I’ll just start off with my regular intro. And then I will do a little formal, quick. Kind of like, Hey, I’m introducing Elise Robinson of a via 400 calm and kind of go on a little tangent. All your other stuff and then you’re gonna introduce yourself and then you can fill in where I left holes at and then go from there that I asked you questions

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no filter, you know just answer them

to the best of your ability and we’ll go from there All right.

All right. All right.


luck using the rule of thirds. I’m

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very welcome to the Christians weight success podcast. But today we are actually doing an interview but in 2015 that’s not that all one to do. like five times I’m doing my interview. I mean when I’m recording Welcome to the Christians weight success Podcast. I am Christian Evans in 2015 I launched my blog, Christian weight success dotnet to answer the question of how I lost 187 pounds, and but today we won’t be doing a full podcast we’ll be doing like a combination we are doing. One of our first interviews and today’s guests will be Miss Elise Robinson of being a foreigner.com via foreigner comm is an online community that provides job opportunities and resources needed to move to another country, at least as originally from Sacramento, California, and is now a citizen of Mexico. She has our own podcast, black woman in Mexico available on all podcast platforms, so make sure you go subscribe to that and today we’ll We’ll be talking with Elise about main her maintaining her fitness goals while traveling the American diet versus the Mexican diet versus the Mexican diet as well as current as well as current affairs and how they relate to her. Without further ado, please introduce yourself Miss Elise Robinson

ah pretty much summed it up pretty well. So I’m not a citizen yet. I am a permanent resident so in American speak, that is I have my green card so I got well less than three years ago to become a citizen and I’m a little pie The day I can become one.

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Let me see what else Ah, oh, yeah, I got a blog. My blog is Elise Robinson calm. So if you want to check that out, I post

daily happenings that goes on in Mexico here. Of course, a big thing that’s going on right Right now is cobia Coronavirus wherever you want to call it. Um, and then just crazy stuff that happens to me because I mean of course there’s not many black people that live in Mexico, so.

Okay, sounds good. So what is the difference between being a foreigner calm and Elise robinson.com?

Elise Robinson calm is just about me. Of course. That’s my name. And like I said, it’s just, you know, crazy stuff interesting stuff that happens to me as a black American woman that lives in New Mexico because there aren’t very many of us here. And then be a foreigner is like you said, I provide opportunities to move overseas. When I moved overseas people were like, you know, how did you do it? I don’t know the first steps. And so it became into a business of being a foreigner and it’s called being a foreigner because Because when you move overseas you are classified as a foreigner, it no matter what country you go to, you’re going to be classified as a foreigner in whatever language that they speak. But it all, it all goes back to being a foreigner. And yeah, I would provide resources and sometimes you’d like a little tips and tricks in my podcast, YouTube videos, on my blog, you know, but basically, just the ups and downs of being, again, a foreigner in a different country because, of course, there’s many, many differences of living in America. And Mexico is classified as a third world country. So there’s very many differences and of course, Spanish, Spanish, you know, so many differences that come along with being an expat immigrant in another country.

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Okay, cool. Cool. Cool, just a little background history between me and Elise. We first got connected via one of the many different social networks that were on, just through probably me promoting myself as a personal trainer or just promoting one of my many different videos cooking food or something like that. And I noticed that she had a blog as well as probably asking her a question because I was new to the blog again. And we developed a develop a friendship over that. And during that time we exchanged we also not exchange but currently still exchange different business ideas. We have a group chat on facebook Messenger with me and Elise and a couple other different people. Entrepreneurs Of course, and we share tips and tricks about you know, what’s working on social media, what isn’t working, how that applies to the sectors that Whereas the janitor that ran and how we can both help each other, right, so we’re creating our own network. And what better way to try to expand, you know, both of our networks and to actually do this video or do this podcast but the steel goes hand in hand into what I’m doing as far as personal training, because we still have to maintain our Health Day by day, and especially now since health is pretty much the primary focus, especially with cold it out here and I just wanted to bring the lease on so she can share her experiences with what’s going on with being an entrepreneur and still having to take that time out to maintain her health and fitness goals and whatever that is. Right. So I’ll start with the first question of what challenges do you face maintaining your fitness goals being broad

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Number one, the language.

Of course, you know, I’ll walk into the gym or something and I’m trying to explain what I mean when I’m looking for and I don’t know what the word is, or if they have a different word for yoga, or do they have a different word for you know, CrossFit. Do they have a different word for swimming? Well, yeah, they do have one for swimming. I know that but I’m

making time as an entrepreneur.

At this point after COVID I got I got COVID body because I actually was sick. I was sick. I think I actually had it for about a month and a half. I’ve never had asthma before. And I was fine last year, so I think I had it and so I put on weight laying around in the bed for a month and a half, but the heat yes Huge difference would be the language um they have gyms here they have swimming pools I where I live currently is hot as hell so unless you go work out at like 10 o’clock at night or super early in the morning or like six o’clock in the morning um there is there is no in between you ain’t you ain’t working out. Um, but But yeah, I mean there’s no real differences though they have CrossFit swimming, yoga, they have all that stuff here. But like I said, if you were to take a class, you know, you just have to follow the movements you

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have to understand that this is so but it’s a good way to learn.

So you mentioned COVID body. So what is your definition of of COVID body because everybody’s is subjective. Some people can say Oh, I got coated body I actually you know lost weight or I gain weight. So what is COVID? body’s definition for you? So what’s the definition of COVID? By according to you,

I’m putting out well, like you say could go both ways because some people actually, you know, start getting healthier because they saw that people were, you know, getting sick because of their, where they call them not pre diagnosis, diseases, I’m gonna say diseases that they that they had, so it might have pushed them into, you know, getting healthy. And then the flip side of it is people just sitting around not doing nothing and just eating, which is what I did. And I was eating bad too. I won’t lie. I was eating doughnuts and everything else to make me feel better because like I said, I was I was going through.

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Right, right. So you think it was like stress eating or was it just, Hey, I’m in the house. I don’t have anything else to do or what do you That attribute that that eating call from or you know, what’s your what was what was your your reasoning behind that?

Yeah, I was definitely stressed eating because I’m normally in the house anyways so I mean, my routine didn’t really change that much because I work from home and I only go out when they you know, I have I want to do something or I have to take care of some business but yeah, I have to say it was stressed because I mean, my normal routine really didn’t change through and I was stressed out and you know, helps you cope

that’s the that’s the number one drug and

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sugar. And you know, we all stress eat, you know, and I stress a, you know, I’m trying to figure out what’s going on. I’m looking at the news, you know, it’s no Dateline NBC global music coming on and mix your heartbeat and you know, in today’s news, you know, COVID You know, this many people die this and so you like Know what’s really going on and if it’s, if I’m getting ready to go out on my lap a piece of cake, you know what I mean? Or several or whatever so, you know, we’re all into that and I just wanted to you know know what, you know your your thinking was was it was a stress eating because everybody you know not just you everybody did it and then after things after people became more educated on you know how it affected them in their community they were able to make a decision on how they would move and go and go forward so that’s cool. Um, what are the differences in your diet there in Mexico compared to the American diet now what are like different trends or main so much so far for you? Let me let me rephrase that. So you know, what is what is the difference that you’ve seen in your diet there compared to the American diet?

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Huge difference, huge difference. I actually did a podcast on you know, do they have The warnings that go out because you know I’m in the expat community and so I know people all over the world and so I posed a question to them in one of my groups and I’m like, do you have any of those you know, eco lie. You know recalls warnings in your country and you’re like, Nah, I’ve never even heard them. I’ve been living here for years. And I’ve never heard of anything like that here in Mexico. Although they tell people to wash their fruits and vegetables with some kind of special solution. I never have. I never have I’ve never been sitting knock on some wood but I’m not to say that they don’t have processed foods here because they do. I mean, you can get whatever you want. You can get McDonald’s Burger King. I mean, I have TF chain the other day. All that stuff. But everything is freshly cooked. There. Nothing is like sitting on the shelves for hours. So

um I mean I can go to the butcher and he’ll kill the pig right tendon hair. Okay that

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um you know I give cheese is a huge one like I I posed the question about dairy and so I can’t really eat dairy in the States at all It causes me issues although I eat anyways here for the longest I never had milk

because one different one huge difference is milk so milk sits on the shelf here

it’s not refrigerated

it comes in a box

and so you know I have my first bowl of cereal like like maybe December of last year I think I had my first bowl of cereal and I and by that time I have been living here for three years. I was terrified of milk And so it did nothing to me let me have me a glass of milk in the states oh love them I feel like I’m about to that so that’s that’s one huge difference like the the milk and the cheese the dairy is different like cheese is made fresh here every day like I bought cheese yesterday I went in the store yesterday to get out the house and bought cheese and they made it fresh that day there is no no cheese’s well they do have cheese that sits in refrigerator but I mean you can get fresh cheese made that day and oh is heaven is definitely

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a lot of fresh, fresh food but a fresh dairy from what you’re saying and how does that make your your body feel in comparison to when you eating at home or going back home for you know holiday and you know may eat some cheese or some type of dairy there. We have it have it Fresh you notice the difference how your body reacts to that?

Of course of course when I go back home I won’t lie I don’t eat good when I go back home I have Popeye’s and all that other kind of stuff but in comparison to here Popeyes will be like some fresh chicken like it’d be fresh fried chicken so that they cook that day is not something that’s been sitting in the freezer and then bring it out and fry it you know? Um, so for me to eat fried chicken here I’m not going to get gassy I’m not gonna get bloated mummies and then fried chicken back home and I feel like I’ll be Excuse me but I’ll be constipated I’ll be gassed up. Mosquito probably break out all that negative stuff. For me to get some fried chicken they just, they just got the chicken that day and they grind.

Right farm to table.

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Yeah, and another huge differences, the fruits and the vegetables here. Um, when I go home, you know The stuff isn’t right. It’s not right. You know, you have to let it sit there for a couple of days before you eat it here if you don’t eat your fruit the same day or next day, maybe even the third day I give you maybe three days. It’s rotten, because it’s right it’s fresh, you know, they let it ripen and you eat it you eat it that day, like I’ll go or I’ll get a delivery because only grocery shop I’ll get delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables maybe two or three times a week because the stuff goes back so quick. You know, when I was back home, I unless I’m sitting sitting refrigerated for a week and it’s doing right or I’ll let it sit out and it’s still not right.

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So what do you think that is attributed to? Ah

I don’t know maybe the abundance I don’t know. Why do

you think you think America has I guess a too much demand and they have to kind of like modify I guess the food in order to meet those demands, so they have supply, you know, supply and demand. You think that’s it or, you know, policies that we have here in the states for the government to allow that to happen just because of supply and demand. I mean, it just makes me think it just, it made us all just be connected. It just makes you really think.

I don’t know, I think it’s more of a capital capitalistic thing. Um, I probably am. They probably waste a lot of food here. They probably waste a lot of fruits and vegetables, I will lie they probably do. I’ll go in the store and I’ll see stuff sometimes rotten and I’m like, I don’t want it. You know. I think it’s a it’s a cost cutting measure in the States. But again, I think, you know, I won’t say that the climate is different. The climate is different, because it doesn’t there’s not too many places in Mexico where it gets cold, you know? like half of the United States, like, it’s no big a cold, like you’re not growing too much enough in there. So maybe that could be an issue too. And I find the same thing when I talk to my other expat friends around the world because they usually live in warm climates. So it’s like, there isn’t just the fruit and vegetables has never stopped growing. So if, you know, it’s just there. And the other thing that I find is that they actually have stuff that is seasonal here. I certain types of times of the year, I can’t get certain fruits and vegetables because it’s just not in season and I’m growing it. I’m Meanwhile in the States, you know, I can get that stuff whenever I want to. So, um, I don’t know, I think it’s more of a capitalistic thing that you know, we’re not gonna let it ripen and we’re just gonna let it sit there. Because we try to save money. That’s all

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right. All right. Cool. Cool. Cool. So what is your current equity sighs routine if you have even if you have one. So what’s your current exercise routine?

Um Well I was on exercise routine kick um, especially after I was I felt better after my COVID stuff um I was getting up real early in the morning like I said it’s always hot here. So I was getting up at like six and I would go and exercise for maybe half an hour so get some sun use weights just move sweat it oh just move into a sweat and you know raise my legs and move my arms um so that’s that’s basically what well was my routine I need to get back to it.

How many days a week were you doing? For like how long it was that you know routine when you were doing

767 days a week. My lungs back right

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You were trying to do some more kind of a cardiovascular workout with build your endurance back up. You say your body gotten gotten fatigue down. So you’re trying to find a way to build it, build it back up. And so your routine was probably what, like 15 2030 minutes?

Yeah, I did about 30 minutes in the morning. 30

minutes. Okay. Okay, did you like working out first thing in the morning? Get your day started or did you prefer like, our way to the evening because it’s a little bit cooler. How did how did you prefer to do that? Would it What did you find or your best results in regards to just how you feel, you know, mentally and physically? Where did where what times of the day when you worked out? Did you feel like you know, okay, I like this a lot better.

I’m always the first thing in the morning person because then I could you know, so And then go take a shower and then just be done for the day and you know, I don’t have to take you know, multiple showers or whatever but um yeah and it helps you know cope being on quarantine to relog down.

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Right. Okay, gotcha. Okay speaking of that, so how has your diet your food intake as well as your exercise routine change due to COVID

asked before this I guess I cooked more. Um, I did I did cook more now I’ve just been ordered now. But I guess my diet hasn’t changed because like I said, everything’s fresh. So even if I was to, you know, ordering out is not the same as ordering out in the States. The food is cooked fresh, it would be like something I could. It’s not like I’m eating out at Cheesecake Factory or Burger King or You know, something like that, um, and honestly, there’s not too many restaurants that I visited in my life in the States. I mean, 30 years of my life where I can say that stuff was cooked fresh,

right? No, they

always have some type of additives in it.

Right, right, they’re doing something

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they’re doing something to it.

Yeah, that sounds amazing to where you can get fresh cooked food that but the food that they’re cooking is actually fresh not the actual act of preparing the food is fresh. Of course, you know what I mean? It’s got to be fresh because it has to be hot known for the packages that deliver it, but you’re saying they have actually fresh ingredients going back to what you’re saying in the interview of you know, their their produce is right and is right. You know, the meat is pretty much you know, slaughter that day and cooked and all that kind of stuff and You notice a difference in that so even with that being said can you give us just a couple of examples of the type of foods that you are having delivered or would you say you know your version of ordering out because again I’m glad you clarified that because I’m thinking like when you say ordering out I’m like, okay, she get pizza delivered. It’s like, you know, a Popeye’s or whatever so, you know, just inform us how what, what with ordering out is in Mexico

and order now would be tacos.

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describe these tacos because he you all did you all don’t have the discussion that we have. And when she’s describing the tacos and the meat and the preparation, like in our, in our business chat, or whatever, I’m like, I can’t imagine fires that he or those type of restaurants here like he probably can and maybe like $15 a taco or, or something like that, again, that capitalistic type of mentality where you know in actuality shouldn’t cost that much but I’ve seen restaurants where they’re making something like a taco and once they, you know, want to promote Oh add fresh ingredients, or you know farm to table you know you’re you’re already looking at $25 you know what I mean? And the chef coming out like salt Bay doing all the extra stuff listened I don’t impress me. How does it taste? So tell us a little bit more about that

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for you mentioned that because like when I first moved here this dude was like you’re gonna put on so much weight eating out and damn tacos and stuff and I’m like, why when everything’s fresh, you know, and but let me see he now to me would be like I said, you it’s usually tacos. I mean tacos. I mean, that’s just the simple in Mexico like you can go to. I mean, and this isn’t also not a thing in the States or taco carts is actually not really a thing here in this city. But if you’re in somewhere where it’s not 100 degrees every day You can go to the carts, but um, you go get you go to the cart there they frying up the meat, you know, right in front of you. And they’re frying up the tortillas and they put the meat in there. Um, you get you some salsa. Um, it depends. I mean, tacos don’t usually have cheese or lettuce or anything like that it just easily meet in salsa. But every now and then you’ll find places that’ll have cheese and everything like that, but um, and you get what three four or 567 taco hungry. I can literally probably eat seven depends on how hungry I am. And they’re like, I like this big. They’re not very big. I’m not used to the you know, the huge tacos that we’re used to in the States. And that’s a meal you like I said you get three, three to maybe seven eight of them and eat off Fresh like I said, the meat is fresh. You can do different cuts. They have steak. My favorite is the diaphragm of the cow. Which What did I tell you? What flank flank steak? I think it is? Yeah, I saw tenders so juicy and so they marinated and be so damn good. I

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bet you doesn’t cost an arm and a leg down there in order to have that, like I said, from what you’re describing, if we apply that same type of cooking method and same type of freshness and food preparation, I mean, that’s a they will call like a an upscale typo type of place. That’s what that would be here. And so I can imagine that’s not that would that’s not that dumb down there. Like you wouldn’t have to pay an arm and a leg, how it is a pier. Um, so you said you know, do the COVID you know, you would, you know order out more so you said that that has changed what else has changed? You know far In regards to your food intake and exercise routine supercoppa


that’s pretty much it. Oh, my new love is plant stains and that’s, that’s not something that’s very healthy. And probably why I put on some weight too because this thing is probably compared to potatoes even though it’s a fruit. So a lot of starch, a lot of carbs. Um, and so yeah.


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just pure, I guess transparency to put things into context. And this is very, very important for people to, to hear and understand is that everybody’s everybody’s goal may not be to lose weight. Everybody’s number just discussions with you, you know, you said you want to put on just a little bit more size and Maybe this is kind of like a blessing in disguise for you. But I just said all that to say is that, you know, I don’t want anybody to, to necessarily think, as far as, like what you were eating as far as what your, your intake was, was necessarily like, it’s just bad just overall because people have to understand each person’s context of what they’re eating, you know, what I mean, may be different for you, you know, at the time, because of course, you’re answering the question, and if that’s an indulgence of yours, but that was still something that was still in the same playing field of what your fitness goals were, you know, and I mean, horse, you know, I know a little bit more about you, you know, you weren’t looking to, you know, gain 65 pounds, but maybe just put on a little bit of exercise that you’re comfortable with, right. So I just wanted to put that into context for people because everything that you eat, you shouldn’t have to really think that, oh, I have a lot of carbs in it or high carbs and it’s bad for You know, that worked for at least, you know, I mean, and that time for for what she was working towards or what one of her goals were. So I just wanted to put that into context for people. Last question is, what’s your take on the current events in America? And how has it How has it had a ripple effect on your person on you personally, as well as international?

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Oh, My take is, um, it’s been a long time coming, of course. And, like, like they’re saying, I mean, we’re in an international crisis or people hundreds of people are dying a day, at least here in Mexico like today. I think it was 675 people since yesterday died. And so they’re still out here. Doing sick shit. So much of my people in America. And so like I said, it’s been a long time coming internationally, I mean, stuff has popped off here in Mexico, particularly Mexico City, which is the big city here. Um, and, you know, they were out protesting for, you know, black lives. And you know, they were protesting because they have police brutality here too, even though it’s a homogenous society. Um, and of course, you know, I talked to my other friends in Colombia, different parts of Mexico, in America, in in Europe, and Africa. And it’s the same thing like, it seems like people were waiting on us because you know, black Americans are pretty much the only ones that get stuff started. has continually gotten things started on, you know, rights as a whole and not just rights for black people as rights for everybody on this earth. Um, and they were waiting on us to start it because it seems like everybody you know is talking and doing stuff now. So is crazy. Um, personally, I wish I was there and I could take part of it, but I guess my destiny ain’t to be there at this time.

I’m here for other things, but

yeah, I’m proud of proud of my people. I’m proud.

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Excellent, excellent. Excellent. All right, Miss Elise Robinson. I thank you for taking time out of your day to do this interview and let you know my people know a little bit more about you and how the world’s current events as Effective June, Mexico and got a little bit more information about diet there and you know your routine. Go ahead and tell us where people can find you at follow us. Where are you at on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or whatever your website, let them, let them have it.

Again, my name is Lisa Robinson, you can find me at least Robinson comm I’m on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and that’s Miss Elise Robinson is Ms. Also, if you’re thinking about moving overseas after you know we give him a little snippet of being in Mexico and how great it is, there’s over 190 countries you can move to on this earth. Check out via foreigner calm. My podcast and my YouTube channel where I talk about being a black American living in Mexico.

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Alrighty, and there you have it. Folks and yeah that’s a great way to call it out I really don’t need to say anything else in anymore so you as a listener or viewer appreciate you taking time out to watch and listen to this video and podcast and until the next podcast you all be saved and

you know what was matter?

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Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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