Elyse Y. Robinson

Black American Woman in Mexico

Career Hacks for Free Technical Certifications | Elyse Y. Robinson

Career Hacks for Free Technical Certifications

March 29, 2021

Career Hacks for Free Technical Certifications

I was invited by Blacks in Technology to discuss 🖨 NewsIn.IT and how I have obtained countless free trainings and certifications in IT to start my career. at an event. Want to switch into IT? Schedule a Q&A at elyse.fyi.

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[00:00:01.480] Hello, everyone, this is Dennis Schultze. I’m the executive director of the Blacks and Technology Foundation. If you’re not familiar with the Blacks and Technology Foundation of blacks and technology, we are the largest community of technologists globally. We have over 15000 members in seven countries in forty three chapters and we’re growing. So our mission is to see more black faces in tech and to advance those black faces throughout their careers and up into senior management. So if you work in I.T. or if you know someone who works in the IT industry or someone who works for a tech company, even if it’s not tech roll, send them our way.

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[00:00:44.470] This is where you belong. So welcome.

[00:00:47.770] And tonight or today or wherever you are in the world, what time is we have Elise Robinson, who is going to talk to us about some suggestions, the way stories about getting technical certifications in her hands along the way. She is very much accomplished at this. I’m not going to steal her thunder because it is definitely impressive the way this woman hustles. And I want to let her tell you a little bit about herself. So, Elise, if you don’t mind.

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[00:01:26.020] Well, I guess I will start with how I got into the sea at 10 years old, I wanted to know how those websites worked, so I found a website and taught myself, ASML, and then that progressed to success. And what is the old one, CGI and Pearl like? I don’t even think they use those really anymore, but. But yeah, and then I took college classes in high school and in college, but I mean, I’ve I’ve talked to so many people about running into issues, into getting into I.T. So I gave up on trying to get into I.T. and became an auditor.

[00:02:12.720] So I switched to accounting auditor for a number of years. And then life happened. And then I moved to Mexico and became a consultant there and fell back on my IT skills. But. But yeah, I guess that’s my story around July of last year. Relative to covid hit somewhat a little bit, I was like, you know, I started programing a little bit more. And I was like, well, maybe I should try to get into society again.

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[00:02:56.640] And so I know that being on certification and that cost a lot of money, of course.

[00:03:05.580] And so, you know, part of being an auditor is research. Everybody thinks accounting is is numbers and everything like that, but is huge research and of law. So I took my research skills that I have and started researching organizations that would help out with getting the certifications for free or at least cheap, and also during which time a bunch of companies were giving away stuff for free or cheap. So. That’s how I yeah, I guess, hacked my way into all this stuff.

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[00:03:43.090] OK, so so you’re being a little modest.

[00:03:45.830] I’m going to force you to elaborate a little bit. You you know, you can shine a little bit. It’s OK. Let’s also tell people how many certifications you actually claim throughout your life. Yes. Picking them up. Probably about 20 or so, Microsoft is a huge one that gives away free stuff if you can get into one of their challenges. I mean, they’re they’re constantly giving away free stuff. I got I got two one one week, one time.

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[00:04:19.300] So. Yeah, yeah.

[00:04:22.810] Microsoft is very generous, very, very generous. So I doubt the Microsoft.

[00:04:30.650] We’re going to get them some of the techniques to. But for now, I just want to kind of keep it a little high level, just kind. Can’t dig a little bit more into your journey. So you’re an entrepreneur and you have businesses, plural. So tell tell me a little bit about your business and what that entails and how it relates to your hacking. Yeah, so I have a lot of people that I talk to on a daily basis, like my network and stuff, and so one person I talk to, like every day almost is my friend.

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[00:05:18.240] He’s a software engineer and stuff. And so I was like, well, I keep winning all these things. Maybe I should, like, make a business out of it like you should, because, you know, you don’t know if you can turn a research business into a legit business, like, are people going to pay for basically you researching things for them. And so, yeah, I came up with news in I.T. and I launched it like Black Friday week, which I suggest that we want to launch during Black Friday week, because then you get a lot of promotion for your promotion for sure.

[00:05:57.090] And so I launched that week and I got promoted in three different tech organizations. Number one, I got my first customer the day after I launched and yeah, I was profitable my first week. So basically everything that I researched for myself, I put it on my website and go on the website and see the testimonials on there. I recently got one lady. She is getting her PMP for free, so her project management certification for free.

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[00:06:32.860] So, OK, and how much is the Pekoe for? And I’m asking I’m not going to know the answer, but it’s not like she doesn’t have a certification.

[00:06:43.830] No, I believe it’s well, with the membership, I think it’s like seven hundred dollars and then the training is like another. It can go all the way up to like two thousand dollars just for training. So I probably saved.

[00:06:56.130] They’re good. Like three thousand dollars. Yes.

[00:06:59.820] And that’s the point. The moral of the story is, you know, you may have to pay a little to get a lot in some instances, you know.

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[00:07:08.340] Yeah. And that’s that’s another thing. You know, I do charge is a yearly subscription fee. But somebody saving three thousand dollars, I mean, what is what is a couple of dollars in the bucket, especially if you are considering paying full rate for it?

[00:07:28.530] That’s like a super duper promo code right there. But I stopped doing the work because, I mean, I’m not going to put in the application for you, though.

[00:07:40.160] So let’s talk about the process itself, because even though there are organizations that do offer free certifications, what are some what some of the information that they’re looking for and and the types of free I mean, I’m assuming Ofri is not the same. So maybe you talk about the different students from different organizations and how they approach, you know, giving out free time.

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[00:08:07.760] I know everything I’ve got is free. Well, I take that back. Spelunker. It would cost me fifty dollars, but everything else that I’ve gotten for free. So but that was highly discounted. I think this exam is regular. Two hundred dollars. So they were running a promotion. I posted that on there and I think a couple of people took advantage of it, but. Yeah, everything I’ve gotten for free, like I got this from Master and the once grand master and product owner, and that was a three thousand dollar class, so I got that for free.

[00:08:39.310] OK. OK. Is that the most expensive that you acquired? Oh yeah.

[00:08:48.240] I mean. Well, I guess it depends because master and product owner, I mean you can get it probably all the way down to like five hundred but. I recently got a scholarship for the thesis A and so I got that paid for with what? The training and I think that one was like eight nine hundred dollars. So with the training. With the training.

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[00:09:12.320] OK, so so with your research and you don’t have to give all the secrets out, but you are looking to get certified, you know, in a certain discipline. And I’m just trying to figure out, OK, where do I go to get free? I’m open to different types of certifications, but I’m really open if I don’t have to pay for what I do.

[00:09:42.110] I mean, honestly, I signed up for anything tech, anything tech. So my email inbox is a mess. It’s ridiculous.

[00:09:51.950] And so that’s why I get a lot of the information, because I never stop and actually read your emails. I mean, but I also find a lot of things on Twitter and links.

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[00:10:01.510] And so, I mean, OK, so so it’s not a secret.

[00:10:07.130] I’ll tell you that these letters are trade, you know, trade information, obviously social media communities like blogs and technology. And incidentally, we do have some research on our site and then it’s the application process. So what type of information do they typically ask for?

[00:10:33.270] I’m like, of course, name, address, email address, why do you think you should get this notification? That’s pretty much it. But I mean, I have so much stuff that I’ve done previously. I just copy and paste at this point. OK.

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[00:10:50.390] OK, ok. OK.

[00:10:52.580] Kimberly says bring all the secrets. So we’re going to create like a little spreadsheet of responses that you can copy and paste.

[00:11:01.830] I got responses all the way back to probably should college at this point and I’m in my thirties though anyway. So this is serious because it’s not a game.

[00:11:14.820] It’s not a game when you want to save thousands of dollars. It’s not like like you said from the get go. I’m a Hustlas.

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[00:11:21.990] So, so, so be organized and take some time to do it right. The first time, at least one good time responses the to replicated throughout makes perfect sense. Work smarter, not harder. So with that let me do this little pause and see if anybody has any questions at this point before I go into some other questions. We’ve got a lot of people, so I want to start the Q&A a little bit early and I’ll just kind of built my stuff in.

[00:11:58.410] So if anybody wants to ask a question, just raise your hand and I’ll allow you to talk or you can put it in the chair and or the Q&A specifically, and I’ll get that question asked. So does anybody have an immediate question? All right, we got Natalie. OK, Natalie, how are you? I’m well, highly outsiderness, thanks for I thank you for the session. So I have to say, like I, I drink five minutes late, but so far the discussion has been really, really fun and dynamic.

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[00:12:35.920] I am curious like to hear, like, how you can break out into this industry. So I have like some research skills, but I haven’t worked in I.T. or so I’m just looking at like how did you enter like to do. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you so much.

[00:12:56.620] Um. I mean, there is no one way to enter, I mean, I can give you my story on how I did it, but. I mean, everybody’s story is going to be different, I don’t know the issue with EITE, I mean, they claim there’s such a shortage of people, but, you know, they’re not they’re not hiring because trust and believe I’ve been through hell.

[00:13:19.960] Everybody I’ve talked to has been through hell and coming from audit where no one’s going to ask me the difference between a debit and a credit. I mean, I don’t know, I mean, I don’t know how to answer that one. And plus, I grew up programing. I’m not a programmer, though, so I guess it depends on what you want to do because there’s like 50 million different things you can do when I talk to. So, yeah, I would have to map out a like plan for each individual, like, what do you want to do and then go from there because there’s like 50 million different certifications, 50 million different careers you can do is.

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[00:14:10.890] It can be outrageous. We just add to do that now. I mean, if you if you have an erection, you have a specialization in, you know, a place where you want to be five years from now. And I wouldn’t put it more than five years because you never know you’re going to be two years from now. But if you have a five year plan or vision. OK, I want to be a senior software engineer in the next five years, then you can start to develop that man or I want to be that Bob’s architect or cyber security or whatever.

[00:14:48.870] That’s the first thing we have to plan to have the vision and then figure out the training certification of the things that you need in order to get there. So that will be just my general. Two sets of advice as far as breaking in to get my first job as they try to find places where you can apply your skills even if you have to do it for free. Get that experience of learning your craft, become good at your craft, and then find internships, find opportunities where companies are looking for entry level folks.

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[00:15:21.510] And we do have both career fairs and internship fairs and lights and technology. And I put the link in the chat a little bit later. So thank you, Natalie. I hope that helps. And we got some questions in the chat that Alan. I’ll get to let’s start with this one says so for each of these certifications, are you talking for courses? And how do you retain the. How do you retain it all? You don’t like it like you’re like a hoarder, you know, really read those newspapers or do you just collect what’s going on?

[00:16:00.690] I mean, at this point, I mean, I’m secure in what I do. So it’s like I don’t need you, but it’s for advertising purposes, you know, it’s like, oh, OK.

[00:16:15.210] Well, you know, I have to advertise and say, oh, I got another way, you know, to keep the business going. So I’m not going to ever say that I’m not going to eventually get. So if I do, I do. If I don’t, I don’t because it didn’t cost me anything. So, I mean, I’m sorry to those who wanted it, but, you know, I got my own purpose.

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[00:16:37.200] So you why you reserve the option to take the certification test if and when it to be. All right.

[00:16:45.900] I did a giveaway a couple a couple of weeks ago, so I literally had three. Well, no one was a subscription to news in it. And so two, I actually won. And so I gave them away and they were worth the Microsoft one was worth one hundred sixty five dollars. And then I think the Jenkins’ one was worth one hundred and fifty dollars. So yeah, I do stuff like that too. I give them away. So that’s also promotion for the business.

[00:17:13.050] I won these so you know, there you go. I’m never going to use them. I don’t need them so.

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[00:17:18.900] Gotcha. Gotcha. And that can leads to the next question somebody asks about yourself or your site for your services. So it is news in dot i. T news and I see the as the website. Yeah. I’m going to put that into the computer and I’m going to drop this and. All right, cool. All right. So we’ve got let’s see. Do you find do you find that having so many different certifications, so many different fields actually makes you more marketable besides your business?

[00:17:56.940] Are you actually working in the industry now?

[00:18:00.720] I start my new job on Monday and I will be an architect.

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[00:18:07.030] So congratulations, the thank you. And I don’t have any major certifications.

[00:18:13.950] Honestly, I don’t know what what is it what is the most, I guess, technical of your certifications that you think are the most difficult that you’ve actually completed? I’m.

[00:18:30.060] Probably I have the entry level Microsoft one, I think it’s the Microsoft fundamentals, and I got that one for free. And then I also have Splunk that I got for a discount. So those are probably my most well. I also have this master in the product, owner one too. So but other than that. Yeah. And I have a lead auditor since I could do side gigs on those and those were paid for to do so. But I guess those are the ones.

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[00:19:01.620] I mean I looked at my LinkedIn, I have them all on there.

[00:19:04.980] But because that Afwerki I got so many, some of them I try to touch your credit all over. You got to let them know. All right. Let’s see what is the benefit of having a lot of certifications to attract more job opportunities? Is there something more? I guess when I started and I was like, well, I don’t want to be a consultant anymore because I really couldn’t consult any more with covid because in Mexico I was literally pounding the pavement.

[00:19:35.870] I was in people’s faces and I couldn’t do that anymore. I decided, I guess I’ll get a job, so. Like I said, I don’t I don’t have any major certifications, though I don’t know if it’s helped me or hurt me, but when I was interviewing, people did tell me, well, get a third and, you know, we’ll hire you. I’m like, whatever. Like, I got the skills, like I’ve done this project or whatever.

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[00:20:05.240] But it really depends on what you want to do, because when I started, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do. I didn’t know if I wanted to be a programmer. Architect, like you said, divorce court engineer did. I want to be a sales person. Like what do I actually want to do? So that that is probably another reason why I kind of racked up a lot.

[00:20:29.810] But it just kind of leads into the next question, which was, have you found any issues?

[00:20:38.660] Have you served without experience? I have heard people say that, but the thing is on the job bulletins ask what they want and that’s what they want in the interviews. So it’s like. I don’t know, you know, there was actually a woman last night that was telling somebody that you can’t give this this a without five years experience. And I was like, well, but, you know, when I was interviewing for information systems auditors, they kept telling me I needed the cert like, well, I don’t I have never audited I.T. systems.

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[00:21:20.240] I was just a regular old auditor.

[00:21:22.520] And you could take them in later experience, but. You know, I don’t really know how that that works. You know, you just you just have, you know, three letters or four letters and you don’t have a job. So, you know, I don’t know. But I have heard from interviewers saying that, you know, we don’t know if people have the experience until they take the exam, so.

[00:21:48.100] Yeah, that makes sense. Darryl. How are you, sir? I’m doing great, thank you. And thank you for providing you with that, we already signed up and you got a quick look at it, but I wanted to ask you if you agree with the because my approach has actually been to have my story like I’m a brand. Right. That’s how I see it. So even if I didn’t win, I didn’t have the experience. Like, I would get the certification and I would have a story that built my brand so that it made that it made logical sense for them to hire me.

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[00:22:25.150] I just want to know if you agree with that. Oh, I definitely agree.

[00:22:28.690] I call them my stories too. Funny a funny enough. And then when people have reached out to me about how to get into I.T., I basically tell them that you got to have a story, you know, you know. And the thing is that they want you to have these projects and stuff like that. And I’m a I’ll be an architect on Monday and there’s no way I can showcase that have architect thing. So that’s more so for the programing side.

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[00:22:59.560] So I don’t know if it’s kind of weird, but yes, I agree that you need stories, whether it’s coming from your own career and applies to I.T. or whether, you know, you picked up a contract and you worked with some people on it project for five minutes. You got to have a story. Thank you very much and congratulations. Thank you. Yeah, I think one of the things that I’ll mention it needs are some of the ways that black technology is helping is we have certifications available right now from the US.

[00:23:41.350] So we’re doing a certification challenge. It actually kicks off. I think it’s Friday. This week we have the the initial welcome session. But the actual challenge itself doesn’t happen until the end of the month or beginning next month, rather. And then we also have boot camp that you can apply for free. We’ve got Udacity scholarship NANTEL degree, which is free. I mean, some of these are competitive. The other one is apply. And it’s a hundred dollars and Udacity is thousand I think is the rate that we get or twelve hundred.

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[00:24:29.320] And then the the boot camp that we have organizations like fifteen thousand and we got our first cohort now. So that’s a 12 week intensive. But you get a piece of paper at the end and you will be able to get a job with that at the end. So we are just one of those and I’ll pop that in the link in the chat room so you guys can can go to it and sign up for some of those. Let’s go back to some questions because I can talk about black technology all day.

[00:25:05.020] Let’s see after this gets a comment. I feel the same way. Certain skills. Great. Let’s see what kind of certifications would be the most beneficial for an early career as a software engineer? And there the things software engineers don’t even need a certificate.

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[00:25:25.300] Let me finish up because software engineers and it says also does a training offered through the challenge, through this, must include certification?

[00:25:35.980] So that answer. Yes. So I’m sorry. Want to get the full questionnaire?

[00:25:39.530] Oh, yeah. Software engineers, they don’t necessarily need certification is more so build the projects, build projects that. Interest you so you can showcase them, get on GitHub and contribute there, but yet none of my software engineer friends have any certifications and I hate no job sites and I want to know what they give up through everything else as well.

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[00:26:12.950] So, yeah, you’re a software engineer.

[00:26:14.930] You’re going to be on this one. We’ll see. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Is it possible to get this cancer free admission to coding? What do these figures I just mentioned that it’s a little academic. We got a couple.

[00:26:31.720] Yeah. Yeah. And also on news and I see I also do scholarship’s bootcamps different events. The big one is for you Dimmy courses. But if you sign up, you get the free you dimi courses. Like at this point I probably have like seven hundred of them. I’ve done three, so I’m knocking them down and I mean that alone. I mean there’s a training because I’ve literally taken a couple of DIMI courses and they were really fantastic. So.

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[00:27:04.700] Mm hmm. Next question, what of occasions would you recommend for a web developer web development that falls under a program and you don’t need them?

[00:27:17.510] Yeah, I would say project portfolio. If you’re running a full stack, you know, web developer, you know, they just want to see what you’ve done. I mean, there’s always training for something.

[00:27:30.650] But a lot of the trainings that I’ve seen personally have been, you know, really, you know, the free anyway. You don’t need they don’t necessarily require certification.

[00:27:44.090] They’re just programing is the one where you can get on YouTube and actually find free things and teach yourself you don’t need a certification. But Web development was my first that was my first business, actually, when I was when I was way younger, I used to consult and build websites where people that that was an experience in itself.

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[00:28:04.580] So I still do that from time to time. I can attest, you know, it does touch your patients, the creative process versus somebody creative vision. We had a conversation later. All right. Let’s see. How do I get I’d still be for free.

[00:28:22.370] All right. So anonymous. I got an answer to. But go ahead. You will go first.

[00:28:29.540] I have a say now over for you that when I actually had to pay for and I don’t think it’s helped me any, but I mean, I guess you’re in like service now. What is what is that?

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[00:28:42.110] That one call service management is a service management, customer service delivery, if you want to go into that side and ITIL will help you. But yes, service now and I still usually go together. So if you want to get the service now one an ITIL, I would recommend it otherwise. I mean, it ain’t enough for me, so I’ll just add my two cents. So we actually do we don’t offer it for free. We offer a discounted and heavily discounted.

[00:29:12.310] So in the blacks, in technology and members only section of the foundation website, you can find discount I tell and print to certification is not again, I’ll put it in a I promise I will just as soon as I get a minute debris everybody, because I want to make sure I get through these first. All right. So next question is the OK Greening’s I just tried to call what is there a link we need to access into what chiropractics do you suggest?

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[00:29:43.960] Three. What is the certification challenge? OK, well, we posted the link to her site. I’m going to post it again because it’s still in my copy paste, so I’m going to put that back in the chat. As far as the link to Alice’s website, as far as number two, what type of projects do you suggest? I guess it would depend on the type of specialization that you have.

[00:30:13.090] But, you know, if if you can show basically an employer is going to want to see what you know, how to do, not necessarily what you’ve learned. So they want to see that that practitioner level skill versus the book knowledge. They want to know that, sure, you can talk about the theory, but you can also put into practice. So I was kind of generic, but your question was generic.

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[00:30:39.040] So I asked this, like, you would literally have to sit down with somebody and do a console in order to map out a plan. But I mean, the most common one is programing pick a language that you find interesting, that you think that you can learn well enough and build some project. I mean, YouTube is a good one. You Demi is another one. They have tons of other websites. And I also live with websites on news.

[00:31:05.950] And I see but yeah, I mean, my project that I built was an I.T. and that got me a lot of traction on my resume.

[00:31:13.000] So you know what I suggest. And the third question for Adwar was what is the certification challenge? So that is HWC certified cloud practitioner and it is basically a two week long blitz that we’re providing both the training and the certification, you know, test voucher, which is roughly one hundred dollars from Amazon for anybody who wants to participate. And that is for the Wife Technology Foundation. And I’ll tell again, I’ll be posting that shortly. Let’s see. Next one, what kind of certification do I need for ten cowriter?

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[00:32:06.770] They don’t have any that I know of.

[00:32:08.600] Anyway, I don’t know, a technical writers have any, but I did like a good certification course, like a certificate, almost like certification. But a certificate course probably would really help a shout out to the technical writers because you guys are everything or you’re looking at documentation or we do need good technical writers.

[00:32:33.350] Absolutely. Absolutely. Let’s see. Do you see any cybersecurity security certifications for free?

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[00:32:41.450] There was one at Palo Alto is not free, though. It’s like heavily discounted. I don’t know if they’re still doing the discount, though, but I know they have a cyber security one, but more so for cyber security. You want security plus and the CISSP are the ones. So.

[00:33:03.470] So just to follow up on that. So Palo Alto Networks is a recent sponsor of blacks in technology and we will have free certifications for Palo Alto specifically. And what was the other one you mentioned the of security plus.

[00:33:25.250] So I’ll come to you. Come to you. So we’re going to be developing a discount. It won’t be free, but it’ll be a discount of certification for security. Plus, because that’s some pretty pricey one. But you know, if it’s five hundred versus fifteen hundred. You know, yeah, I agree, I agree with that, you know, any any dollar saved is worth it. Also with the security plus the CISSP, it puts you on to the government contractors, the FBI.

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[00:34:02.300] So that’s that’s a huge one to get because you once you get into it, you get your resume popping like you get the calls all the time for the government stuff.

[00:34:12.860] So, you know, if you can understand some serious benchmarking, you can get a job pretty much anywhere working for, you know, either federal systems integrator or any company that does any work with the government. Ask to ask a question about the security. Plus, so we’re going to go to Martin. A Martin. How are you, sir? OK, Martin, we got a lot a lot of feedback. I’m assuming you’re not a robot, so it might be an issue on the phone.

[00:35:00.670] Let’s put your question into the Q&A or get in. I’ll get to that. I’m so sorry. All right, let’s see, there’s some more questions I think I missed in the chat, Sy, let me just do a scroller. OK, which platform best prepares you for the solutions architect ops certification exam? I guess it depends on what vendor you want, do you want Microsoft, do you want GCP, Google, or do you want a w w w w don’t we trying to give nothing for nothing for free.

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[00:35:42.210] But Microsoft, like I said in the beginning, they give all kinds of stuff and they’re learning platform is really good. And then Google has gives away free stuff to and they’re learning platform is really good. They give you the labs and everything and so does Microsoft HWC. Now I’m working on them. I mean, they’re they have principles, the principles, one of them is like frugality kids, you know, so and they carry that, whether it’s a warehouse worker or your for, you know, marketing or sales.

[00:36:17.710] I mean, everybody’s looking like, you know, how can we get this done with the least amount of money. So. Right. Yeah, it’s it’s difficult over there. All right. Let’s see. Any more questions? OK, here we go. When you say labs for like an hour plus or Kenay, Canada’s experience, and would you be able to write that in your resume? The labs, yeah, yeah, yeah, one of the things that I did was I have keywords on my resume.

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[00:36:56.090] I have all the stuff that I have touched. So at least I can say that I touched it. And I know a little bit about it because you’re never going to know anything or any and everything, but at least you know enough to where you’ve touched it, you’ve seen it. And, you know, if you can look at some documentation, you can probably remember exactly what you did. So, yeah, if you do the labs, I will say, you know, I did this lab and everything like that and build a I keep a word document.

[00:37:27.950] And then I also keep it on my LinkedIn and I also keep it on my portfolio website so I don’t remember. So keep a running tab of everything you. So at least you can be like, well, I did this. Or if you need to go back to that, you you did. All right, let’s see, I currently have a PMP trying to decide if I should add scrum master product owner and or safe service to my portfolio and want to know the best platform for the certs.

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[00:38:00.370] Appreciate your feedback. The best platform I did mine through a scholarship that I won, and I think the training was really good and the name of the company is. I don’t know if I’m playing the race.

[00:38:18.420] I think, you know, more so because they gave us the break every hour.

[00:38:28.630] But I mean, what the scrum master and the product owner, you don’t necessarily need the training. You can just go take the test. And so, yeah, but on their website, I know that they have a list of training providers, but you can find I mean, I wouldn’t recommend just like one, so. Yeah.

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[00:38:47.920] So I’ll just kind of add onto that. So we have again, for blacks in technology, our scrum trainers as well as our project management trainers, we get discounts. They’re not free certifications, but they definitely discount the certification. So if you are looking to add those things, I would suggest you check out our our options section. Let’s see the next question. Would you agree that a good short term goal is to get a baseline level job with a company that offers training and growth opportunities are moving towards your mid long term career goals?

[00:39:37.280] And we. Yes and no, I guess it depends on your age and you go with your pocket looking light, I it depends on a lot of things, you know, but in my opinion, I’m going to say no, because, you know. I’m already made career at my place, but I need to focus on what I want to do. If I was younger, I would be like, yeah, sure, you know, get in there and then you can potentially move around or at least gain some experience and then move on to another company.

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[00:40:12.600] But where I am right now know I need to focus on what I want to do right now. And, you know, I’ve been at that time where, you know, I did things I didn’t want to do and I’m not going to do that anymore, so.

[00:40:26.600] And you know, what’s funny is, you know, I was asking the question. I was thinking, if you get with a company that is going to pay for your training, you might want to stay there for a little bit like being done with a college and you get the tuition assistance or something like that, you know, or, you know, a government. And, you know, it’s easier to move around because I’m a government employee. So it’s very easy to move around something like that, then, yeah, I was like, go ahead and start off as a secretary or something like that and move up.

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[00:40:58.400] But, you know, if it’s not something like that, then no, no, no.

[00:41:04.220] I know a guy who took a job just to get his top secret security and then he was out so bright that it was like, OK, like that. Yeah.

[00:41:18.140] Just like I said, for newbies to get into the game because companies look for and like I said, if you can get in and they will train you up and, you know, I must get some of the. Yes. You know, take the take that on if you are early in your career. All right. Let’s see what, sir, would you recommend that is relatively easy to take for someone entry level in tech and that would give the best salary I was thinking I’d feel, but open to other options just to break in on the security plus is a good one, because like I said earlier, it opens you up to the DOD contracts.

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[00:41:57.410] Any of the cloud ones are good, like US Microsoft GCP. No one really pursues Microsoft or DCP, so they’re always looking for people.

[00:42:10.480] Yeah, those will probably be the ones I would say, because, I mean, the cloud is huge, huge at this point and it’s not going away.

[00:42:17.140] So if if you are looking and we kind of hit on a little bit earlier, but if you are looking to get into the customer success or service delivery side of things or you know that, you know, more project management based role, then I still might be a good place to start because they are looking for folks who have, you know, those skills. And I just kind of proved you can manage a project and use the framework. The scrum master is also another one.

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[00:42:48.670] There are always companies looking for, you know, people who, you know, understand scrum methodology and can be masters in their organization. So if you’re not tech, go for either one of those and you can probably, you know, at least get get interview. You get in the door with those jerks.

[00:43:06.940] Yeah, I always forget about A.M. and product owner. Those are good ones, too, because everybody’s like an agile environment at this point. But yeah, definitely. Security plus cloud grandmaster product owner. And I guess if you want it to be like a project manager, probably the PMP, too, is I won’t say it’s simple enough, but it’s out there if you don’t want to, you know, do the tech stuff, because a lot of people don’t want to program and do the tech stuff.

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[00:43:37.090] And so those are probably the ones that you don’t necessarily have to do the programing of the tech stuff. I don’t program. So I’m an architect, so.

[00:43:46.210] Yeah, visionary like. So just the word on the PMP too. So PMP is very popular in the States, but what is more popular globally is the two, which is at excellent product and framework, actually created the ideal framework. So they provide the certification for itself before as well as deprince to and the person who does not require you to have, you know, years of experience in project management before you, you know, can complete it is a lot less expensive.

[00:44:25.330] So that’s just my commercial for prints too, if anybody is interested and we offer a discount on it so that I just want to get a plug in.

[00:44:33.380] OK, so currently the Carlini multiple certifications and data science hats, Microsoft data science certifications, any thoughts on where Chris can get some free data science arts?

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[00:44:51.140] I mean, I thought that science was one of those ones where you didn’t need certs either, you just probably a good boot camp. I know a friend of mine did the D for a boot camp and they could really love it. So I would highly recommend them. I think the application is still open at this point. But other than that, I mean, again, you dimmy courses a good boot camp if you can get a scholarship for one, because I know data science is really good.

[00:45:22.460] Yeah, data science is one of those where you don’t necessarily need certification and somebody has to you need a strong math background for data science.

[00:45:33.440] Yeah, but to an extent, I mean, if you want to get into the more the data science part and not have the math background, I would probably say more of the analyst and fooling with Tableau. And I love Tableau. If you if you fool around with Tableau is so fun.

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[00:45:49.760] I like pretty visuals that works for me too. So which visual of which courses are best for PMP. Poppy, there’s a whole bunch you have to go on their website and see, yeah, because everybody has like the poppy cause I can’t recommend because I don’t have a BNP, but I know there’s there’s hundreds of courses out there. OK, somebody asked a question specifically about Prince to discount for Prince to foundations or practitioner both. So we offer discounts for all the Xolo products or justifications.

[00:46:35.300] The county jail now data plus for anybody looking for data science verification. Oh, thanks, Christine. So they go on data science piece. All right. Let’s see, because they need a cloud practitioner certification and Google cloud certifications, discounts also being discussed for clogger, which is like 30 hours from what I have found. OK, Chris is trying to come up. I appreciate the game. This is what we’re going to do for you, Chris.

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[00:47:08.780] So real quick, a certified cloud practitioner. That’s the challenge that we have going on right now. You can get down for free. That’s a hundred dollars in your pocket. But as far as the Google Cloud CERT, talking to Google had a conversation today. We’re going to work on some of those not ready yet, but hopefully will be coming soon. Give me a month or two. We’ll get those to you. As far as the cloud guru goes, we just closed our first cohort for cloud guru.

[00:47:38.780] We were offering a year’s worth of access to the cloud ACG platform for like a hundred dollars. We may do that again. This is an expensive undertaking. I’m I’m waiting for an additional sponsor in order to release another cohort. So hold tight. We may be doing that again. So that’s a good.

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[00:48:05.540] Was that now? I say it is the messing up on my side or your side? Oh, it’s probably my Internet. My Internet has been flaky and my back at. Yeah, yeah, that’s better now. OK, so what was the last thing you have? So I’ll repeat it. You said about a cloud guru that you just got done with the first cloud. Yes. And I’m just waiting on a sponsor to get us to a point where we can launch another cohort.

[00:48:37.140] But those are going to be somewhere around a hundred dollars and they’ll give you platform access for 12 months. So time. All right, let’s see, we got out about eight more minutes. We must do some more these questions.

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[00:48:52.610] Let’s see, can you provide a template to fill out tippler forms for scholarships like these, like a cheat sheet for the cheat sheet?

[00:49:05.390] No, I mean, I speak from my personal experience. This should be heartfelt.

[00:49:14.000] So do you use a tool, though, or do you just like an Excel spreadsheet?

[00:49:17.000] A word that I actually use notepad. I got like a whole bunch of stuff on my notepad and I keep it on my computer.

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[00:49:27.020] So, yeah, all my little responses that I’ve ever done, like I keep a little notepad.

[00:49:34.050] OK. OK. All right. They want all of your secrets. There’s no shame in this room at all. Let’s see. I think we answer the math question about data science. It kind of depends on where in data science you want to go. Not necessarily. What’s the answer to the math question? Let’s see. We also have a couple more questions. And you know, the question answer to. OK. All right, I think we got most of them.

[00:50:07.920] I’m just going to share real quick, I’m going to put the link if anybody has it, join blacks in Technology. The Foundation website, which is a nonprofit which has all of our members, is free to join. And you can once you join access to members only section in there.

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[00:50:30.630] We have all those programs either free or discounted and the resources there, you don’t have to really do a whole lot. Some of them are just grants. Some of them require you to jump through a couple of hoops, but not too many. And if if you know of something that you might want to get for free or for discount, just know that my mission is kind of like the black tag Robin Hood. So as companies give us money, we put it back out into the community in terms of grants and scholarships and freebies.

[00:51:10.470] So if you say, you know, I really want that security, plus, you know, we’ll try to raise some money to get that number down. If there’s something else, definitely go Hokies, Michael. Definitely worth interrupting the conversation to to represent. Thank you. Even though we lost the first round, but so do you. And if you get to the point where you are looking for certification, you can’t find it. Shoot me an email.

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[00:51:37.120] Personally, I am listed on the website, the emails from the website, the forms from the website go to me or someone on the team are directed to me. I’ll get you an answer. So I think those are the high points, just to recap. Apply yourself. Go and sign up for newsletters, go to companies websites, follow them on social media. Be attentive and keep your eyes open. Second, be organized, you know, have a good stock answer for the questions that you know that most of them are going to ask so you can copy and paste and make yourself more efficient.

[00:52:18.440] And three, have a plan. Make sure that you know what you want to do unless you just want to hold them like a leash and just give them to people for Christmas or whatever. You know, we can assume that if you are looking for Michael, you can definitely join if you’re not black. But yes, it is mainly for blacks. We are inclusive. We have a bunch of non black folks in our community. Let’s see. Yeah.

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[00:52:47.630] So just make sure you have a plan of attack. And if there’s any links to any sort that you need that you don’t have, feel free to to reach out. We’ll try to make it happen for you with the last three minutes at least. Any parting words or words of wisdom?

[00:53:03.670] Yeah, like you said, map out a plan because the world of ideas Hughes is constantly changing. Like, for example, the cloud is the big thing now. So, you know, you could want to once you’re in there, you could definitely jump around and please, please, please be sure to sign up for news. And I t and I do re boot camp, scholarships, free events, certifications, whatever I find discounts or freebies for those.

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[00:53:36.950] And the biggest selling one is the freedom courses.

[00:53:39.560] I probably have about six hundred at this point, so I post new ones every day. Every day I possibly one. All right. All right. Well, thank you very much for sharing your wisdom. Definitely feel free to step back by any time if you want to participate in the future of Alisha. Always full and for everyone to join. Thank you for taking the time to participate. And I guess I’ll see most of you on the next event.

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[00:54:06.920] Take care and have a good night.

[00:54:09.610] Bye bye.

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