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Get Off of Me! | Elyse Y. Robinson

Get Off of Me!

November 12, 2019

Get Off Me

November is a VERY hard month for me. Mexico City…And my fight in the airport.

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my name is Elise Robinson and

I live in Mexico and I’ve been here almost three years and

I’m here because my mother passed away from blood cancer and so I literally have a flight and pretty much been here ever since I didn’t know nothing about Mexico. I left for Mexico City

never heard of Mexico City.

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Because you always hear about port the right yeah the Cabo and can’t go but

Mexico City in Mexico City changed my life. And

I just been here Mrs. But I’m in a smaller city now and called Marita which is supposed to be so famous on the beach. So

that’s my little spiel about me.

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video podcast.

Today is the third anniversary of my mother passing away for blood cancer. So I’m all in my feelings today.

I’m going to have

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one of my mentors Take me out almost some pizza. This is this this restaurant that has this ridiculous. DQ spread. Oh, I thought it all the time and get a glass of wine, pizza and all that great, but the brain is off the chain.

Like, can I just get the bread? Fuck the pizza. So um,

that’s probably what I’m gonna do. I’m trying I was trying to think of something that my mother likes to eat. And I feel I mean, I can’t think of anything. And no she would she would go have a spa day but I’m not in the mood for a spa day.


go get something to eat test suppose

so yeah this is this is just a bad month for me November and oh shout out to the people that wish me a happy birthday my birthday was on this fix again if you love me send me some coins from donations from the narrow so mu last

I’m so thank you for the birthday wishes and

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yeah like I said this is a terrible month like my birthday is on the stakes my mother passed away on the 11th her birthdays on the 19th my father’s birthday is on the 27th I left for Mexico on a 26 and then they have Thanksgiving so I’m just November. If I fall off the face of the earth, don’t blame me down you cannot blame me for anything.

So yeah,

I’ll be doing a lot of crying celebrating full of damn emotions. So

yesterday I said I was going to talk about

I went to Mexico City.

You can look at my video of hotel leader, leader, if I’m saying it right, Leah,

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which is a sex hotel.

But he got really good reviews on on all the websites Oh, hey, what the hell so basically a sex hotel is you rented by well this one you run it six, six hours at a time I think it was 280 pesos. It’s like

fat like maybe 13 $14 or so $14 or so. So you rent it for six hours and you get your freak down.

A lot of people especially when you’re young, you know you got roommates and shit. So they want to use hotel rooms and get free go.


it was clean, it was safe. It was in a very nice neighborhood. I enjoy the neighborhood if if I ever

move back to Mexico, Mexico City and the near future, I wouldn’t mind living in that neighborhood instead of my old neighborhood. It’s right by a train station buses

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actually took the bus to my old neighborhood and had all my eats and everything. And

yeah, this is a small hotel room. So I mean, like I said, just a couple. Just a couple. And they have room service. They had all that so it was cool.

Okay, Friday night kind of guy. Wow.

It was real interesting. But

me remember the dying everybody slips right

every every living thing on this earth

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so I didn’t mind it in plus I can pretty much sleep through a lot of shit so after being out all day and and most most of the night like I just I just wanted to sleep so that’s what I did so

so yeah no it wasn’t bad at all i would i would stay there again and I would recommend it actually is there is no you can’t have children there because like I said there’s a sixth tale so that makes perfect sense

there’s a restaurant that was right across the street and they have really good really good seafood really good seafood that has some good coconut shrimp and my my friend had

a good good ass bowl of soup in and some outfit was the VJE no wrong. But they said this he was on point so

so yeah

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I went for a day of the dead

for the brain, which I missed last year and cried like real tears because like I had so much fun. The first year in 2017 this year it was ridiculously cold.

Which is funny because in 2017, we’re in tank tops and burning up. This weather is abnormal. And so, but I got my face painted, you could check out my pictures on my

on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, my blog, and then

yeah, that’s it and I need to post that I need to post the video because I actually have my, my full get up on with my face. I’ll post that.

Maybe sometime this week, or maybe next week when I’m lazy.

And yeah, I stayed in Mexico City for three days and

had a time of my life. I do it.

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I didn’t want to leave really but I had to leave because I got shit to do back home of course, and it was cold. So I’m like I want to

really go back to the warmth. As much as I complain about this damn heat here married like I was so ready to go back to the heat

because Mexico City does not have heat. They don’t have a sea. So

if it gets if it gets down in a certain temperature you’re suffering and if it gets too hot temperature you’re suffering it don’t last long and don’t last long because literally

two days there I was, you know in my in my I had thermals on and shit because I know I you know, coming from 90 to in the 50s that’s a flat 40 degree drop at least. So I’m like, I need thermal sleep.

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And I burnt my ass up

and so but the last

Day of the of my world not my last day but the day of the parade. It was raining and cold. We were like, let’s go. So.

So yeah.

But we have fun. I have fun. I still want to go back to Mexico City. I’ve been looking at apartments. I found one that was the same price of where I live now. And it’s it right by my own neighborhood, right? It’s like one street over and I’m just like, I need to go I need to go but

my time ain’t done here yet. So

soon soon And plus, I don’t want to be in the cold. Yeah. So so maybe

maybe during the spring or summer next year, for sure, for sure. Um,

oh, and so on my way back. I got into a fight

so you know

How to airport gets crowded and don’t be no chairs right but you want to stay by your gate pose your flight It’s already late and you don’t know when he goes start boarding and you might get left so you want to sit in your gate area right so bitch thought she was gonna say we’ll see where her little funky ass pairs and I’m like she had a sitting on the age so I like isolate my little bony ass in there right you know oh me and she got mad and I’m like very no say no see she should have been here you know what I’m saying like this whole area is packed you got me all the way fucked up

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and so she’s trying to talk shit and on my on here all day Shut the fuck up

and I just basically ignored her and she and I told her she should have been here like I know saving those things when the shit crowded. That’s not how that works. So you know she shut up and she and the actually a seat on the side of me. I’m a

side of me opened up and the friend was nowhere to be found. So I’m like, okay, we’ll shoot the baseline obviously, she was they want me sitting there, you know, black, whatever. So

the friend comes over and scooters her ass on me. I’m like the fuck is this big stone and a bit huge, you know, because they’re Mexican. And I actually thought they were white because they the girl spoke very good English, very good English, but I forget where I live. Marita is a very upper class area of Mexico.

They have huge mansions here like 810 bedrooms. And you can look at another video that I’ve done of.

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I think the house is going for like half a million dollars or something like that.

And it’s huge, huge. The backyard is huge.

And so that would be like a typical, I won’t say a typical mansion.

here but because I don’t think that one had eight to 10 bedrooms, but there are actually houses here that have eight to 10 bedrooms and in the neighborhood I live in is really, really a ritzy part of America. And

you know I walk my neighborhood I’m just like, He’s huge ass damn house is like these are mansions in the state, you know what I’m saying? But this is like a typical house here. And people actually are living in this ship. So

all that to say, you know, her parents probably, you know, come from old money. A lot of them are white, they are actually white. So she actually might have been white. I’ve met people with Italian and passports from Spain here and they’re white, but you know.

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And so they send their children to Canada, the United States to you know, get a better education and to learn English. So I would have never thought she was missing. She didn’t have no access to

spoke she spoke damn good English you know better English than I do.

So her fat ass I’m thinking it was her mom oh no why she say a friend because I thought it was her mama Lisa look like a damn Mama Mama y and all outside, you know, typical Mexican body. Um, and she tried to talk shit, you know? And I pushed her. I pushed her up off me and she was a Hey, you know don’t talk shit and I’m going to ask me where I come from and I come to her country and my bitch by nobody got time for a bushy to talk them out.

You got the game?


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I’m busy child call me Uh, what are you a table dancer? is a table dancer bitch. Like

what is the table dancer? Yeah, let me know what a terrible dancer he is in the comments. Okay. Oh, you know what that is and

Must be a bad thing Hey table don’t table dance with make a lot of money and she didn’t want to get the ball and make a lot of money. So you know,

since I’m so bony you know a lot of the Mexican women

look at me funny like I’ve literally had them look me up and down and stuff. And because they have Uber’s I call it football time

because they will we have three four or five flute players and and so

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yeah, she called me a table dancer. I’m like okay, yeah, you can push away from the, from the table. Are you like your coke? coca Coke is a thing. And I’ve literally learned that they do not eat salad. I mean salad is not a big thing here in Mexico. It’s not a big thing here in Mexico. There is a part that where they eat salad like that. I don’t know nothing about it.

Because I’ve traveled around I’ve lived in two different cities. I know people they live in other

Areas of Mexico salad anything

even though they sell all the fruits and vegetables in the store, so, I don’t know. But again, Coke is a huge thing here and they have pastry. At least when I lived in Mexico City, a pastry store was on every damn corner. Every corner you can you can walk three blocks without having a damn pastry store. So

I mean, you know diet definitely plays a huge part definitely plays a huge part. You know, it’s funny because if I see when that’s thin

I do a double take I’m like, oh my god is like she Mexican.

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And I’m sure genetics play a part in it, you know, but

I mean, I can’t I can’t help them tall and skinny. Just like you think hell did you get a fast food was so.

So yeah.

She wants to fool with me after I say what I say

And I ignored the fuck out of her she probably thought I was crazy because I was gonna raise up in Coachella her ass and the throat she would be so nice to me and so that was the end of that the dude actually across from me got about the seat top my head well no problems and gave her FedEx a damn seat

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and she was still trying to talk shit after that I my bit Your problem is fall Shut the fuck up

Shut the fuck up. So I’m just I’m doing what I do in my phone will read an issue until my telling my sister my friends What’s happening? And they like

this crazy but I’m crazier so she she won’t these problems um

so yeah.

My first fight in Mexico I guess my first my literally my first probably bad serious problem here in Mexico. I always say I don’t be having problems.

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months ago, but these these these white Mexicans is the fucking problem. They don’t want to get the damn issues because they wait. I mean should they got issues


Whoa, well

let me see anything else

man now I just been chillin

like I said, I’m still in school taking my Spanish classes still working on my business stuff.

I actually did a pitch today. And it was funny because

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I love I love that, you know, I’m doing my thing and I don’t have to necessarily please anyone. And so

that’s how I talk and I mean like my personality is it is such a wonderful thing. And it’s funny because I told him

He asked me if there was any more questions and my food is in here leaving I put some eggs on the boil. He asked me if there was any more questions and I was like nah I’ve done a couple of pitches before

sorting them but thing for me and at this point is like as you go through when we are not

laughing like shit is the truth like I gotta be sorry sugar coating shit

you know, cuz I literally show up in meetings like you know, my little fashion little dresses on with a cute then the case they should to me this is my shit. You know what I’m saying? Okay, you say nine to me. They’re gonna fuck with me. Are you not? That’s just the end of the story.

So still pound the pavement more business.

Oh, I don’t think I got anything else for y’all. Just my crazy

The crazy stories in Mexico that happens all the time, all the time.

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My book, I revised my book

on what to do before and after you move overseas. So

cuz my layout was horrible, I’m paying, I’m paying somebody on Fiverr to get that all together as rookie, rookie, I like it. Keep it simple. So, get the book, get the book. Next thing will be revising my raggedy ass course, because it’s raggedy. So um,

that’s next.

And then just visit be a foreigner back home. And if there’s anything that you’re looking for, let me know and I could post some some more stuff on there. If there’s a certain destination or

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you know, certain destination or opportunity

You’re looking for let me know any any feedback to make it better you know any feedback all the feedback and

check out the blog at least Robinson calm. I have been posting as you like I say I’m in my feelings. So don’t be mad at me

life and check out twitter facebook instagram be a foreigner Elyse Robinson

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what else

we need some comments, some reviews and all that good stuff. And I will talk to you people another time.

Elyse Y. Robinson @ BeAForeigner Inc.
Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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