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Do’s and Don’ts of Living in a Foreign Country | Elyse Y. Robinson

Do's and Don'ts of Living in a Foreign Country

November 12, 2020

Do's and Don'ts of Living in a Foreign Country

Some good stories about what I have seen from dumb foreigners in México. Please don’t move to another country and do these things!

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Hey y’all. My name is Elise Robinson. I’m a black American woman that lives in Mexico. Why do I live in Mexico? Because my mother passed away from cancer in November 2016. And so, I quit my whole life in order to take care of my mother. And how about my family, so, I had nothing left, right? So, I decided to go to another country more and have some fun and spin up all my money and come back home. But it didn’t end up being that way. I landed in Mexico City, one of the largest places on earth. And I fall in love with the place and tell my father wasn’t coming back home. And the rest is history. So, as my story and I’m sticking to it, please be sure to subscribe to the blog for email updates on when I do this stuff. But subscribe to YouTube, subscribe to the podcast Be sure to like this video and be a forum calm. I’m pushing the launch back launch back to December 1. So, because me enough time to fuck up the world. And do what I want to do. So, yeah, because I got do still working on a little bit. Be sure to check out the blog. I do $20 for questions. So, if you got any questions about moving overseas, about Mexico about anything, and that pertains to moving overseas holiday Chica.

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Okay, last week was my birthday. I do now four because I’ve done the do. I mean, I guess there is something to do. But what I wanted to do is still close. So, y’all can donate using the links below. And also, like I said, in my previous podcasts, and my video, I need a new adventure. So, I’ve been trying to get my certifications in it. And that’ll take you all over the world all over the world. So, and I wonder the residency, so, I created news in it. So, I always harp on skills, skills, skills, skills, skills, skills. So, I provided this this resource for people like myself, people that are trying to get into it. And so, I provide all kinds of free stuff on here. So, I’m started off at 1999 for the whole year. That’s cheap, ridiculously cheap. I post good shit, as y’all know. And so, there’s that. So, yeah, let’s get right into it. This one is going to be called stupid shit, therefore is dumb. stupid shit that foreigners do. So, as you know, I’m in a bunch of foreigner groups moving overseas, traveling or whatever. And so, a lot of this stuff is common sense. And I just don’t understand why you would even ask this why you would even think this would be okay. But, okay, common sense and common, right? That’s why that’s actually a real phrase. So, let’s talk about getting scammed. Because it happens a lot. Being an A foreigner, I want to say an American just being a foreigner, right?

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So, for example, I’ll put myself first. I don’t like Cancun. I don’t like that whole area can comply or whatever you want to call it. I don’t like it. I don’t like the weather. I don’t like that. It’s not real Mexico. Is touristy. And it’s scummy scummy as hell Okay. Now, let me take a step back. I don’t know if I’ve ever been scammed in Mexico. Okay, now I’m pretty sure I have. But one thing I love about Mexico and that being in other countries in my life, prices are posted. Okay. I’ll give Mexico that they do post prices. Now, one place where they don’t post prices. I take that back. They do post prices they give you like the base price. So, for example, when I went to the hospital, there were like, okay, is this price right here? They had a whole menu up there. But when I got my X ray for my chest, I don’t know how much X ray costs, right. I don’t know how much the gown cost. Yeah, they call it they charge me for the gown. I don’t really know how much the medicine costs, right.

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[04:59 – 10:38]

So, they could have charge that on me for me being an American and speaking English, but the base price was there. Okay. And foreigners got to stop this whole oh well it’s cheaper than back home. It’s okay. It’s not okay. It’s not okay. And I’m gonna explain why later it’s not okay. but anyways back to Cancun so, they tried me and can come by that time I have been living in Mexico for like a year and a half so, I was hip to everything you know? So, I was there on vacation and do try to get me for my paper so, I’m coming outside of the airport I just landed and I’m trying to go to my Airbnb and it was like a $30 something like to go a mile at the street you bugging that’s how him You must think I’m a dumb American I’m not a pricier because I live here that told him he started stuttering and backtrack and he was like we can do $15 and I’m like second of all you given me prices and US dollars and Mexico don’t use dollars so, get the fuck out of here now fuck at a year that’s another reason why I don’t like can’t come maybe trying to rip people because dumb ass America is a burden as here and pay dollars for shit because they too stupid to figure out that maybe they exchange their money and they don’t feel like it. So, you get ripped. You paid double for stuff. Double, so, yeah. Uber still was running, you know, around Cancun area. Uber is a touchy subject and can come they don’t want to go to the airports anymore. I was lucky that do BBs SF to the airport and it was 150 pesos. So, that was like six $7.

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Right. So, hopped into Uber and everything was cool. But I don’t fool we can’t come unless I’m going through there for free luggage or Southwest. Otherwise, I go to Cancun, get on the bus and bring my ass my back to Marietta. Okay. I love a new Cancun. It’s ridiculously scummy. And one of my friends told me last week that they know somebody the guys that got he’ll hospice for 1500 dollars. They say that they family better call and send the money in the family code isn’t the money and they were black. Okay, so, I do like to say that black people are not usually the target of crime, but that’s in men, tourist’s tourist areas, okay, you guys say yes at the tourist areas. And that’s why I say my ass out of Cancun. Americans bring the ass they are Canadians and whoever else that want to use dollars and makes it hard for people to actually live here. That includes locals too. But again, I’ll get into that later. So, yeah, that’s just my story on trying, you know, getting scammed. But like I said, I don’t think I’ve been I’ve been scammed too much here in Mexico, because prices are listed. And second of all, I understand I know the prices of things at this point. And I speak decent enough Spanish to get by.

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So, there’s that. As for the next story, as a lot of black folks that are moving here to Cancun, playa area. And, number one, they’re coming illegally, which makes it hard for them, right? Because if you’re not a legal resident or a citizen, you have no recourse for anything. Like, you’re not supposed to even be here, so, no one cares. So, first story on that. Dude rented an apartment, I won’t even get into the details on where He even went wrong the first time because that’s, that’s not even important. And it was just ridiculously stupid. But maybe I’ll say the story for another time. But he did some illegal shit that wouldn’t even fly in the States. That wouldn’t even fly 45 for the states, so, I don’t even know why he thought it was gonna fly here. And so, he’s all asking in the group, you know, what can he do? And I’m like, Are you legal? Because there’s actually an agency you can go to that, you know, that’ll help. But if you’re living here illegally, I mean, I wouldn’t even go that route. You know? So, now Firstly, try to avoid my question. No, because he won’t put out there that he ain’t supposed to be here. And then it finally came out that now he is supposed to be here on my way. Oh, no, you can do just move boo. Take that as an L as a Big L.

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[10:39 – 14:56]

And going about your business. So, yeah, I recommend people to get a residency and to just DVR from net to divert. Giving yourself residency opens up so, many things, okay. You cannot say you won’t be taken advantage of, but there’s recourse to it. Right? If you were a legal resident. And people so, Mexico is visa, they give you six months, which I think six months is just ridiculous, ridiculous. Most countries are like 3090 days, Mexico is I think out of maybe max five countries, where it’s actually six months. And it’s just ridiculous. So, yeah, I’ve heard stories of people being deported, when they come through, trying to get back to their home, that’s here illegally. And you keep coming back and forth often enough, and they’ll give you seven days, which is your warning that you need to get the fuck out. And so, everyone should get their residency before they come. That’s just a tip. Okay, before you come, next door. So, this one was just like I say, common sense and common. So, I mean, I lived in the states and almost four years, I’d be almost four years, November 26. That’s the day I left, right. And so, I’m not, I ain’t got your name in the states in a long time. But I’m pretty sure that you can put a Mexico number in there when you’re registering for service. I don’t think you can put a Bangladesh number in there, you can put one from Croatia, okay.

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So why would you come here, which is considered a shithole country, third world country where things are not as easy as in the States. Because they cater to locals? Would you think that you can put a US number in there for them to call you and to set up your service? Second of all, you wait until the last-minute thinking they gonna come out that same day or next day?

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When it could take like two weeks to get internet. You know, and beyond the emergency? Don’t be on no emergency here. You’ll be on no emergency. So, yeah, I just thought that was really funny that someone would think that you can put a nun country’s number in a service and expect for them to call you and understand it and actually come out and give you some service. Second of all, why don’t you have a Mexican number? Now, I’ll be honest, when I came here, I didn’t have a Mexico number. Actually, I take that back. I take that back. I did have a Mexico number. But I did not have a Mexico chip. I use this service where it was like, really cheap, because I wanted to keep my American number, but I ended up having to give it up just is what it is. That’s the only reason why I kept my American number for so, long is because I want to transition. I don’t want anyone calling me. And you know, I might, I might need it. I might need whatever they sell in or might be somebody that I know, and I need to talk to them. So, but I do have I do keep American number now, but my whole life is Mexico number now. because it just makes things easier when it comes to doing business here and taking care of business. One second. Asthma, bro dry. So, yeah, this is a stupid stuff that I’d be seeing on my timeline.

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[14:57 – 20:28]

Third thing, so, again, we can go back to the scam the scam Enos of Cancun, and of you know, living in a shithole country, period, right. And so, to rent a car here, it’s only like $5 a day, right? I mean, I would suggest people to get the insurance because I’ve heard some crazy shit with scams on the cars here. So, what is that? insurance through Expedia was $11. So, that’s what $16 a day. So, I was gonna round it off and say 20 times seven, even if you weren’t for seven days, seven days is $140. Right. So, lady was so, happy, so, happy that she was able to run a car for $200. I was just like, Oh my gosh, that’s Wow. Are you paying it? For $200, you can get a whole driver for a month. Okay, a month. You wouldn’t even have to drive you would just call him for the day and be like, I need you. Namaste. So, yeah, I mean, this is why I got the 24 questions for people so, they can stop doing stupid shit. Because if you don’t know, you don’t know. But you need to ask them questions. And stop making it hard out here for locals’ number one. And for people that, you know, came here to live actually ain’t stupid.

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That’s not stupid. Ask questions, though. How to ask questions and you know, figure out the price of things because it’s ridiculous. And to add on to the local aspect of it, me and my friend was having a discussion about how Americans come here, and Canadians come here and drive the prices of things. And I told her No, no, no, no, no, you cannot put that on Americans or Canadians. When it’s the Mexicans that are scamming people. We’re not, we’re not scamming ourselves, you know. So, it makes it hard for people that are not scamming. You know, scamming Americans and Canadians and whoever else. I simply say Americans, Canadians, and probably Europeans, because you know, the currency is very strong, but Australians, whatever, you know, so, called Western world. So, yeah, I mean, you should be aware of what things cost. But at the end of the day, that’s still not our problem. That is their problem for driving the prices up. Because Yeah, it makes it hard for locals to live. If you really want to pay $2,000 a month for a house. And the real price should be 750. That makes it hard. So, there’s that last story, this Oh really, really bothered me? Because they were just clueless, just clueless. On shit. And I’m just like, do you not? Talk to your Mexican friends about this show? Me What do y’all talk about? Because I’m sorry, I couldn’t have a friend where we can discuss race issues, but that’s just me. Okay so, it was a lady in a group. And she was dating a Mexican and she didn’t like the stairs. Now mind you, you go get stared at regardless. Because I mean, you’re black. And I know I get stared at because I’m 511. Okay, and I’m skinny. You know? I’m skinny. Ain’t nobody around here looking like me? Nobody. So, I’m automatically a foreigner, right?

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So, she was really concerned about that, and I didn’t understand why. And I tell her being black, you don’t get stared at automatically. And I told her, you know, if you had a black man is as your significant other. Oh, you get stared down to so, it wouldn’t matter. So, I’m confused on what you’re getting at right now.

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But she said that she never talked to her friends about race issues. And I’m just like, oh gosh, like you don’t even really know what Mexicans think of us. Which is really concerning for me. Like, are you just trying to forget your blackness? somewhat, but anyways, that ties into the next one. So, the lady commented on there saying that, you know, Mexicans are not used to black Americans, you know and the money that we bring in the flashiness and everything else that goes along with it. So, me and my friend was shocked, because number one, this is a shithole country. Third World country, people are hungry here.

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[20:29 – 26:32]

Okay so, being flashy, and saying that you have a lot of money is the wrong thing to do. Okay, the wrong thing to do. People get kidnapped here. Like I told you the story earlier on the Cancun dude, that’s real. That’s real life here. And so, that’s why I stay my ass out, can’t comply it. Like I told you. I will not live there for that reason. Plus, I don’t like it. But the main reason is it’s unsafe, is really unsafe. Your automatic target there. So, to put it into perspective here, I am never considered an American. I’m Belizean which is poor. I am Venezuelan, which is poor. I am patient, which is poor. I’ve gotten Jamaican which is poor. I’m never an American. Right. The Venezuela one threw me for a loop. But he told me that an assailant are people that look like me tall and skinny. So, in black Of course, so, because that’s how I’m I’ve never ran into one here. So, I have to go find one, cut to find one, but so, yeah. Me and my friend told that person. Please stop, stop if you’re going around being flashy stop because you’re making it hard for yourself. You’re making it hard for other black people. Okay, we all need to go around here being flashy, because you will get kidnapped.

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Lastly, what Mexicans think of black people is that we’re witches. And which is fine with me out those chickens he’s only using chicken beats. Okay. Beats what it is. I think we’re poor. Okay. Now, I don’t think they I don’t know if they think black Americans are poor. But black people in general they think are poor. Okay, because there’s poor like I say if you dissuaded Belizean Jamaicans Haitians? They are poor. You know some, unfortunately. and so, the lady never, never commented back, which is really funny to me. But, yeah, me and my friend basically broke it down. Like, just don’t do that. Just don’t. I mean, live your luxurious life and secret as possible. You know? I have a housekeeper. You know? She knows Damn, well, I ain’t got none up in here. Because I don’t ain’t got nothing in here. So, she couldn’t go back and tell nobody what I got up in here. Okay, that’s one thing. Number two. I mean, that’s dress. Nice in comparison to Mexicans here, you know, it’d be hat. So, I wear my dresses, my low fashion over dresses, but fashion was cheap, right. So, you know, that’s about extend, I go to the spa. I do the tours here, which are cheap, which are cheap.

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But you know, a lot of Mexicans are not able to do those things. So, I get delivery here and everything. And I eat what I want. And I buy what I want. But it ain’t nothing flashy to where people think that I got money. Because you will get kidnapped. My friend knows minimum 10 people that guy kidnap minimum Tam. And she’s a black woman, right? a black woman, not a Mexican black woman. She knows minimum 10 people. They kidnap them and hold them for ransom. And I actually want to be one in people.

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So, I’m gonna continue to be Venezuelan. Have a good day to be believing. So, I get the bullies in because sometimes my Spanish brainy working, right? So, they’re like, Oh, your believes I give in a swelling is my Spanish is on point. So, there’s that. So, to wrap up many jobs, ask questions and night and not get scammed. Okay. Ask the people that have been here for many years because it’s like the blind leading the blind at this point. Like, you’ve been here for three months, and you try and tell somebody something. That’s not how that works. That’s not how that works. So, this is why I stopped commenting and a lot of groups because they don’t want to hear what I’m talking about. been here for years. So, lay cha argues me down and say that Mexicans weren’t allowed. And I’m like, Yeah, they are. Mexicans will tell you that they are loud. Okay. And my friend laughs right along with me. She was like, why would she mean the man’s gonna say loud. I mean, that’s the culture, that’s the culture. They literally party all night long, this is why I live in an old people neighborhood because I informed that I live with old people do because I’m not fooling with that. So, in summary, I got the $20 for full questions. Oh, hold on.

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[26:33 – 29:45]

And that’s $20 for questions. So, if you got questions asked me, I got my blog. I got my podcasts and the YouTube channel. I speak on so, much. Yeah, I’ll go through the videos and stuff. This is real life. Like people think this shit is a joke. It’s real life. and, yeah, you can set up a time to talk with me if you want to just know it ain’t gonna be free. And be sure to check out the blog Elise Robinson comm Be sure to subscribe to be a foreigner calm, and I launched on December 1, I gotta get my life together for that, because I’m so, excited. And I’m so, ready for that to happen. And people waiting on me people waiting on me too. So, I’m gonna give it to y’all.

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I’m a given. See y’all. Real nice, real nice. Y’all let me know if there’s any bugs and stuff though. Please, please let me know if there’s any bugs so, we can get them fixed. I got it. I got dude on standby. And he’s really good. He’s really good. I’m very appreciative of him. And if you love me, donate us in the links below. Again, check out news in dot it. I have done podcasts and videos on the skills that you know, pay number one, a lot of money. Number two that are very, very needed all over the world all over the world. And it’ll get you places it will get you places. So, check that out. For free, free resources and things like that update daily, and get your IT skills on it’s gonna take some time, it’s going to take time, but it will be well worth it. Okay.

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Anyway, I’ll keep y’all updated on COVID on the next time, because I didn’t feel like talking about, I want to tell the stories I had to tell you stories. And like I said in my previous podcast, YouTube video I’m working on so, much, and I need a new adventure. I’m getting ready to be in Marietta, longer than I’ve been in Mexico City. And I’m sad about that, because I really want to go back to Mexico City. So, working on my next adventure, and I got a mic as you can see. And so, hopefully the sound quality is better. Also, I’m going to start transcribing my stuff y’all didn’t tell me was literally file to transcribe five minutes on Fiverr. So, I’m about to start doing that and get my shit all the way together. So, y’all because I’m a I’m a reader. I’m a reader myself. So, I like to look at it and read. So, for my visual people out there. I’m gonna get it together for y’all and y’all stay safe out there with COVID Okay, y’all stay safe out there.

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Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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