Elyse Y. Robinson

Black American Woman in Mexico

How to Survive the Coronavirus in Mexico Part V | Elyse Y. Robinson

How to Survive the Coronavirus in Mexico Part V

March 31, 2020

Part 5

Another update on the numbers in Mexico. No deaths over the weekend. I had to go to the emergency room for my allergies and asthma. I called the Coronavirus hotline in Mexico to test it out.

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This is episode number 73, I

think Come on now. And my name is Elise Robinson. I am a black American woman that lives in Mexico.

I’ve been here almost four years.

And why do I live in Mexico? My mother passed away from blood cancer in November 2016. And so before that I quit my whole life to take care of my mother and help my family. And so since I quit my whole life, I didn’t have anything left. And so I decided to explore

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living in another country because I always wanted to.

And so I had a whole bunch of Southwest points. And so

I decided on Mexico City,

you always hear about part of the yard, Cancun Cabo, but I’ve never heard of Mexico City before. Don’t ask me why I lived on the border twice and had never said Step, step foot in Mexico, because you always hear about how dangerous it is, suddenly, I’m gonna go check it out anyways, because that’s the kind of person I am.

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And so pretty

much been here ever since I call my father up after I’ve been in Mexico City for like,

a month and a half and that’s when I’m not coming back home daddy.

Not come back home. And so I live here permanently. This is my home. And I love it here. I love it here. And so please subscribe to my blog. Please subscribe to the channel, podcast. Check out my blog, Elise Robinson calm. And check out my business be a foreigner calm. If you’re thinking about moving overseas. It’s kind of stagnated at this point, because I mean, no one is moving around the world at this point because we’re stuck. Thanks to the coronavirus And so this is my fifth video on the corona virus just an update on what’s been going on with me and what’s going on with Mexico Of course.

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so Saturday, if you have been paying attention to what’s been going on with me, my allergies and my asthma have been kicking my ass

and so

Saturday I felt like someone was sitting on my chest.

It was real tight in there.


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like pressure. And so I decided to go to emergency room around 10 o’clock or so that night and they gave me a shot in my ass of steroids. And after that I felt like a whole new ass person about dancing around and stuff.

And so they took an X ray.

They told me that I shouldn’t have been able to breathe because I could breathe just fine. It’s just, it was tight in there. And it was like You shouldn’t have been able to breathe ma’am. Your chest is but and so I need to go see a pulmonologist but it seems like all the pulmonologist are booked up I’m just going to see if I can drop in right quick on one of these people, maybe two or three cuz like there’s no appointments. I’ve been calling around before I leave this house then buffalo my asthma pump and taking my allergy pills religiously. They gave me a prescription for another allergy medicine. And so that that might work better but I got all these pills that I bought. So I’m gonna go through those first and then I’ll switch to see if it’s if it’s better, she’s she claims that these are supposed to be so much better. So to give you the scoop on what I saw in the hospital, the hospital was dead. There was nobody in there which is a good thing considering that you know, all over the world. They’re saying that hospitals are overflowing. So at least in that hospital is not bad. I can’t say cuz that’s a private hospital. I cannot say what has been going on in the public hospitals here. And so I saw one man who’s laid up on the couch. I think he was waiting for somebody else because I don’t think they’re allowing people to go back with their family members, which is sad. He had a mask on he was asleep, laid out on the couch.

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there was another woman in there. She was hysterical. I don’t know why she was hysterical because it kept telling me to hurry up and leave. I was I was at the end I was coming out and pain.

So my bill was about $100 or so.

The freaking gown they gave me was was expensive. I’m like I say for now. But yeah, hundred dollars in comparison to the United States. My bill will probably be at least $2,000 so I’m not even complaining. I do have my secondary insurance size. submitted that to them and I should get a reimbursement in four to six weeks because I take forever in a day, but I will be reimbursed hopefully. So yeah, that was my night on Saturday and yeah sorry nights easier like really packed inside the hospital so there was no one in there before that though, Mexico does not want people go into the hospital if you’re suspected to have Corona virus so I think I got the virus, although I guess people are they’re claiming and walking around, you’re asymptomatic. So I called the phone number. And they picked up really quickly. They spoke English I think they also speak French for because there’s a lot of Haitians a lot of Canadians here. So you know the dude’s rattling off you know, the my feelings certain kind of way. I’m like, Nah, just my chest. My ad was banned. He’s like, Okay, well we’re not gonna say anyone out because we don’t think you have it. Same thing in the hospital didn’t get tested for the wellner

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So yeah,

yeah, I guess Mexico’s Mexico’s on top of it to a certain extent, I suppose. can sleep last night like my throat? My throat was like, I guess that’s another symptom of my allergies. It just felt dry. And so if you look online, they have like a comparison chart between sometimes a word Rona and allergies. And like all the symptoms of allergies, I have none of the symptoms of Corona So yeah, I was just killing me, which is sad because like, I never had allergies like this, ever, ever, ever, ever in life.

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And allergies

did not kill me last year when I lived here. So I don’t know what’s going On this year

between the trees and shit

so that’s that I’m trying to think anything else about me going to the hospital and the coronavirus hotline yeah I was in and out within less than an hour I didn’t spend much time in the hospital they got me in and out gave me my shot my ass paid to the X ray. She’s like yeah, you should swap that you need to go see pulmonologist get this under control. Because if you don’t like you know the end.

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so yeah, I guess I’ll be honest, still away, which I I’ve been trying not to be on these allergy pills in a steroid. Because it’s an immunosuppressant. It’s gonna suppress my immune system, which means that I’m just gonna have to sit in the house for sure for sure. And not leave because I’m susceptible to catch anything like that. point that even just the Roman like the flu strap anything so whatever is floating around in the air so I haven’t really been outside much I did go out to emergency room before that I hadn’t been out since like Tuesday I think so they really been going outside I’m prepared for this because some outside person really anyways it’s in house.


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let’s I’m invited out or you know, somebody comes here I’m in the house,

I’m in the house,

or there’s some kind of special event that I would like to go to that I find out about. I’m in the house. So the thing is, I know the ordinary for me, I’m update on Mexico. When the case is here for me, let me pull up my numbers give you all the accurate stuff. So on Friday see


Friday, there was 848 confirmed cases today we’re up to 993 confirmed cases. So it’s going about well, at one point, it was like 100 hundred a day. So I guess it was a good thing that didn’t go up 100 a day over the weekend. There were no deaths over the weekend. So that’s also good thing. But the case is going up slowly but surely. Things are closed down here. I’m still able to get deliveries. So you know, but I don’t know if I talked about it on my last video, the thing you know about a lot of these countries and why they can’t just shut down and I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention to what’s going on in

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They just shut the shit down overnight. And so people were stranded everywhere and it’s just sick and fad. There’s people that had to walk 200 kilometers and they’d like literally died because they walked so far and they couldn’t get out. They couldn’t, you know, get back to home. Countries can’t just shut down. This is This includes America, this includes America because people forget that people that drive Uber and Lyft and, you know, do your deliveries and stuff, they’re paid


They’re paid daily, they don’t get, you know, they don’t get paid every week. They don’t get paid every two weeks. They don’t have a steady paycheck. They’re day laborers. And so, you know, that’s what runs a lot of people’s lives being day laborers. And so Mexico doesn’t want to shut down because a lot of people are day laborers, for example, my housekeeper you know, she doesn’t work for me, she don’t get paid. You know, and she asked me to she was like, yo, so like, what’s going on? You’re gonna fire me, you know, with this stuff going on. Or you’re gonna keep me around. I told I’m gonna keep around as long as possible because I know you know, your day labor and you can’t just there’s no other income coming in, you know, so So yeah, I have written here with a mask on gloves and some sunglasses or something. And, you know, to clean my apartment. But that’s, that’s the reality of a lot of people’s lives on this earth. They are day laborers. And you know, if you shut something down, how are they going to get money to pay their rent to pay their bills? And how are they going to get money to eat? So, you know, these governments need to set up something to drop off food at the minimum at the minimum, and I haven’t heard

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of any country doing that.

Any country. So

this is why you can’t just shut down countries, you know?


so that’s that on that topic.

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Yeah, Mexico shut a lot of things down, but everything’s still running. When I was out. Saturday night, you know, I was looking around to see what was open. There wasn’t all things open, but it was kind of late at

night. Like 10 o’clock at night

but I think restaurants they open to like one

one in

the morning on Saturdays here so I was kind of abnormal. There’s a lot of things that have been shut down,

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but I was still

able to get delivery last night at midnight with some tacos so

there’s there was a couple places opening a couple places

got my delivery because I’m starving. I really hadn’t ate anything



trying to think Is there anything else just updates on what’s going on the states like I said, I have to worry about two homes because I still have family and friends in the States. I still have

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family and friends here

in Mexico so

it’s been very stressful.

My anxiety is through the roof. You know, allergy medicine, asthma can help my my symptoms or my chest. Any help my anxiety, man. These panic attacks that I have. So I’ve been trying to, you know, be tanky Hello, Frankie Hello, as I say in Spanish and try to take it easy. Try to take it easy. I’ve been doing a ton of focus on work because I hadn’t been focusing on work for a couple of weeks now. You know, because when stuff popped off like I was just, I was just in shock. Again, Intel from people all over the country here in Mexico and in the states and is pretty bad in the States. One of my peeps who lives in New York, he told me that he knew someone and these people are young, but a lot of these people are having an underlying condition. You know, that’s I’m so scared for myself because I have asthma. And it’s been activated this year. Like I’ve never had asthma like this before in my life, or allergies, for that matter. And so the woman he said it was around our age. I’m 33

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she was sick on Friday. And she was no more on Monday. And so he’s telling me that one of the last symptoms that people have is a metallic taste in their mouth, I guess, you know, that’s the blood coming up through their chest. Because they’re saying this in mind disease, basically, you’re bleeding them inside your lungs, so

and he’s telling me a lot of young people are dying,

but like I said, they have underlying conditions.

And the people are working for the government, like the bus, public transportation, in corrections, which is the prisons in the jails. So they haven’t been traveling, no international traveling. So I don’t I want to say it’s airborne. You know what I’m saying? So that’s another reason why I’m in the house, but I guess if I’m turning on my AC, it’s coming inside. Anyway, right from opening up. My Windows is coming going inside anyway, so I’m very weary of that.

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So yeah, Shadow wear mask, wash your hands stay on inside as much as possible but I guess if it’s airborne

you know how right

a lot of people that have been dying have been older people of course with a course no mind conditions. I got Intel from my sister. I don’t even know if I should say it because I’m pretty sure it’ll be on the news soon, but I don’t want to get in trouble with HIPAA. But is getting serious in Houston. She’s telling me that she’s getting a lot of more cases, and they’re dying. So I guess Houston will be another hot spot at this point. Because right now the hot spots are in California in New York.

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People keep going out having parties. Oh my gosh, my craziest damn family this is why don’t fool with them because they’re freaking degenerates. They had a sleepover party, so I suspect a couple of them will probably have it. But hey, God protects fools. So I don’t know. He surely protects fools. The way they talk about it, they don’t they don’t have no symptoms. But ma’am, sir, ma’am, sir. I mean, you have to catch it in order to have symptoms of you’re all out and about and you’re around people that got the shit. Like, that’s how you catch it. So I don’t know what to think of people. I mean, people at the beach party and and stuff. I have no idea. So, again, I want to keep it short, sweet and simple. Not going rambling. That’s that’s the tea that I have the info The Intel that I have I do another video when I get more information or something goes on with me.

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Be sure to hit the like button, subscribe to the

channel, subscribe to the podcast and turn off comments because only people are here saying stupid shit. If you love me, make sure you donate cash app down here. And I have a become a Patreon monthly Patreon. And you can donate in whatever currency that’s in your country because I do have people that watch me and listen to me all over the world. What else check out Elise robinson.com, a blog and be a foreigner calm for opportunities to move overseas. And she just had a thought, Oh, if you haven’t watched the documentary for the Spanish flu, I’m gonna put the link down there. It’s a very good short and sweet documentary about 40 minutes gives a lot of information that’s very similar to the corona virus. I found it to be very interesting.

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Spanish Flu happened in 1918. And it was during war time, or war too. And

a lot of similarities

and I believe they said it took 18 months for a Spanish Flu to go away. So

hopefully we won’t have to wait that long.

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But who knows? Who knows at this point, you got to take a second by second.


closing it out and take care

Elyse Y. Robinson @ BeAForeigner Inc.
Elyse Y. Robinson

Without a plan, Elyse Y. Robinson moved to México City after her mother passed away from blood cancer on November 11, 2016. She never heard of México City nor even visited México before. She just knew she had to escape America to mourn. She had quit her whole life to help her family anyway. She had nothing more to lose. She is going into her fourth year in México and she is there to stay!

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