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How to Bring Your Dog to Mexico | Elyse Y. Robinson

How to Bring Your Dog to Mexico

May 23, 2017

Pit Bull

A post on how I brought my dog to Mexico City…small dogs only that can fit under the seat!

Health Certificate

I had to call around to about six different veterinarians in The Woodlands area of Houston, Texas to find one that did health certificates. The cost was $95. My dog was not up to date on one shot so I got that. I read on another blog that my dog needed to be dewormed and given a flea pill so got that too. Total cost $165.

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My health certificate was accepted at the Mexico City airport just fine. I was so nervous I even asked for a letter stating my dog was healthy but it was not needed. The health certificate must not be older than 10 days before departure.

You need form APHIS 7001. Everything should be typed in and you should get TWO copies. One copy must be signed in black ink and the other copy in blue ink. No abbreviations on the health certificate.

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For Mexico, a USDA registered veterinarian is not needed. No USDA license number or certificate number is needed on the form. The rabies vaccination injected and lot number must be filled in with the date given. Any other vaccinations given must also be filled in with the date given. I had the veterinarian write in the dewormer and flea medication given too. The two boxes certifying the pet to be free of diseases and healthy must be checked. The veterinarian must fill in their information and sign the form.

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I flew United and more information on traveling with a pet is here. I brought my dog in a pet carrier and no one said one word to me. He traveled the whole 2 hours under the seat without making a peep.

I arrived and got through customs at about 4:30pm. I do not know if the office that handles animals is open 24/7/365. I made sure I would get there before 5pm just to be on the safe side.

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For more information on how to bring your pet to Mexico, check out the USDA website.

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