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Review: World Trade Center - Bellini Restaurant | Elyse Y. Robinson

Review: World Trade Center - Bellini Restaurant

April 20, 2017

World Trade Center

As I promised I went to the World Trade Center and checked out the Bellini restaurant. The restaurant is on the 45th floor. You take one elevator up to the 42nd floor which was pretty quick then another to the 45th floor. As many crazy and exciting things I do, I was getting anxious about being in an elevator and going up that high.

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Walked in the restaurant and just one other person was there dining. But the restaurant does open at 1pm and I got there at 1:13pm. I decided to have dessert and a drink. I had read reviews that the food was not that great there so didn’t order any.

I ordered a Long Island Ice Tea and a Crepe that was cooked right in front of me (see video). As expected neither was good. I spent about $345 pesos (19.67 dollars) for both and they had the nerve to charge $30 pesos as a service fee. You are definitely paying for the view as my dessert and drink were horrible.

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The waiter cooked my crepe right in front of me and that was pretty cool. The service was quick and fast but again I got there right after opening. The waiters were pleasant and very attentive. A few spoke English which is nice but not helpful as I need to practice my Spanish.

The view is nice. Mexico City is not the most beautiful city of course but it’s definitely a nice place to take a date. I believe my views would have been better if I didn’t go during rainy season. You can see the clouds trying to roll in. The restaurant spun little by little and you get a new view every few seconds. I may go back at night or when the sun is starting to set.

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I stayed about an hour as I had to get back home. I walked there to get my daily exercise in and felt HORRIBLE after. I think I was coming down with something as I had those flu body aches. I got home and laid down in the bed around 3:30pm and didn’t wake back up until 8:30pm. I popped some Alka Seltzer and I think that helped too.

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